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We have a great selection of bikes from Evil, Rocky Mountain, Ibis Cycles, Pivot, Knolly, BMC, Salsa, Niner, Felt.

What other bike shop offers so many awesome bikes from one location?

Including 27.5/650B, 29ER, and the newest 27.5+

Our rental day is 9am to 5pm, NOT 24hrs.

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Fetching awesome bikes!

2020 Pivot Switchblade

$89.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: XS, SM, MD, LG, XL

It’s back and it’s shreddier than ever! Designed for all-mountain versatility, the 2020 Pivot Switchblade has a new carbon frame with more travel, contemporary geometry and an updated DW Link suspension system. With 29er wheels, 142mm of rear-wheel travel, a 160mm Fox 36 fork and longer, slacker geometry, the new Switchblade is even more of a magical, one-bike-fits-all creature than the original. If 29er wheels aren’t your jam, it can also be set up as 27.5+ or even a mullet bike with a 29-inch wheel up front and a 27.5-inch wheel in the back. The updated DW link is more progressive for coil shock compatibility; and the updated position-sensitive anti-squat kinematics make the 2020 Switchblade a goat when you’re pedaling through chunky technical terrain – something there’s no shortage of here in Southern Utah.

Ibis Ripmo V2

$89.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: SM, MD, LG, XL

Our friends like to rip. A couple of years ago Ibis blessed us with the Ripmo – a long-travel carbon 29er made for big rides and big mountain trails. Now, you can rip even more on the new Ibis Ripmo V2. Based on the aluminum Ripmo AF, the carbon-framed V2 pairs the same travel (147mm rear/160mm front) with updated geometry that’s longer and a full degree slacker for seriously increased ripability. Like the AF, the new Ripmo V2 also has updated suspension that’s plusher off the top and more progressive so you can send it hard without worrying about bottoming out. If you’re looking for an all-mountain enduro 29er to dominate at Guacamole, Little Creek and the bike park, the Ibis Ripmo V2 serves up all the rip you can handle.

Pivot Shuttle E-MTB

$119.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: S, MD, LG, XL

Our top-of-the-line, all-carbon e-mtb rental mountain bike is the Pivot Shuttle. Based on the super-capable and versatile Pivot Mach 5.5 trail bike, the Pivot Shuttle was built to handle like a real mountain bike and it also happens to be one of the lightest e-mtbs on the market. It has 140mm of DW Link suspension in the rear, a 160mm fork up front, aggressive trail geo and Shimano’s proven Steps E7000 pedal-assist drive system to give you a little boost on the climbs and keep you going on epic adventure rides. Ironically, with the Pivot Shuttle, you won’t need a shuttle anymore – comfortably pedal from the OTE, Hurricane shop to the top of the JEM Trail system and rip it all the way back to town via the Hurricane Rim.

Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay E-MTB

$99.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: S, MD, LG, XL

Get more miles out of your free time with the Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay! Based on Rocky’s all-mountain/enduro Altitude platform, the Altitude Powerplay has 150mm of travel in the rear, a 160mm fork and the same proven aggressive trail geometry as its non-assisted sibling. Rather than taking an off-the-shelf solution, Rocky Mountain spent 10 years and 7.5-million dollars developing their very own pedal-assist, e-mtb specific drive system. It’s an intuitive ride with smoother power delivery and a faster charging battery than the competition, so you get out on the trail sooner and more often.


$99.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: S, MD, LG

Designed by the Swiss in BMC’s secret Alpen lair, the BMC Trailfox AMP SX e-mtb adds a pedal-assist boost to your ride. The Trailfox AMP SX is an all-mountain rig with 150mm of travel in the rear and a 170mm Fox 36 fork in the front. 27.5 wheels and e-specific geometry and suspension make the bike nimble, efficient and buttery smooth. The Shimano Steps pedal-assist drive system paired with SRAM’s 12-speed Eagle NX drivetrain means you’ll be able to explore more mesa trails and get in those all-important after work mental health rides.

Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay BC E-MTB

$99.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: S, MD, LG, XL

With big wheels and big travel, the Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay BC e-mtb is a big mountain enduro bike with a little something extra – it was built for big days on gnarly trails. Based on Rocky’s Instinct BC 29er enduro bike, the Instinct Powerplay BC has nearly the same geometry and the exact same travel – 155mm in the rear and 160mm up front. Rocky’s Dyname 3.0 pedal-assist drive system will let you leave the shuttle at the bottom and pedal to the top where the Instinct Powerplay BC’s 29-inch wheels and plush suspension will float and smash through the boulder-strewn chunder of legendary mesa descents like Flying Monkey and Grafton Mesa.

Ibis Mojo HD5

$89.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: SM, MD, LG, XL

The Ibis Mojo HD5 is the latest bike in Ibis’ popular 27.5 all-mountain/trail bike series. The HD stands for “Heavy Duty” and the HD5 is a slack, stout bike with enough travel (153mm rear/170mm front) for whatever the Hurricane mesa trails decide to throw at you. The DW Link system eats up slickrock chunder and makes climbing efficient; and Ibis’ new “Traction Tune” custom suspension tune keeps the tires glued to the ground. The HD5 also got the Ripmo treatment – longer, slacker geometry with a steeper seat tube for comfortable climbing.

Rocky Mountain Instinct

$49.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: SM, MD, LG, XL

“Stable and aggressive:” that’s what Rocky Mountain calls their 2020 Instinct 29er all-mountain trail bike. We just call it fun. It’s a pretty neat trick to combine both characteristics in one bike, though. Careful geometry design, just the right amount of suspension (140mm rear/140mm front) and smooth-rolling 29er wheels make the Rocky Mountain Instinct 29er one of our most versatile rental mountain bikes. It’s also one our best rental bike values. Since the Instinct 29er is such a fun, easy-to-ride bike, we wanted it to be as affordable as possible. To that end, we stock our rental fleet with the aluminum alloy Instinct so we can keep the rental rate under $50.

Esker Elkat

$89.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: SM, MD, LG, XL

New for Over the Edge and a great addition to our bike lineup – the Esker Elkat mountain bike combines the poise of an elk with the agility of a cat. Or maybe it’s just a cool name and logo. Regardless, the Elkat is a fun and unique 27.5 trail bike with a clean, almost industrial-looking carbon frame. It’s the first mountain bike to feature Dave Weagel’s Orion suspension, an active linkage system designed exclusively for bikes with 1x drivetrains. The main pivot moves around the bottom bracket and complete separates braking from the suspension. The Elkat feels like nothing else we’ve ridden. It’s lively and playful with excellent traction and pedal performance – a perfect combination for an all-purpose trail bike. We’ve ridden it on slickrock and alpine singletrack and it’s super fun on both. If you’re looking for an all-mountain trail bike that falls somewhere between a Knolly and a Pivot, come demo the Esker Elkat at Guacamole or Gooseberry and see if you don’t wanna take one home.

2020 Rocky Mountain Slayer

$69.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: MD, LG, XL

All new for 2020, the Rocky Mountain Slayer has longer, slacker geometry, more travel and is now available with 29 or 27.5-inch wheels. The Slayer 29er has 170mm of travel and the 27.5 Slayer has 180mm of travel. We have the carbon 29er Slayer available for rent and Rocky also makes a more affordable, all alloy Slayer. In their first ride report, Pinkbike says the new Slayer is a, “return to its freeride roots.” We agree. While the 2020 Slayer pedals very well for a 170mm bike, it’s happiest in the middle of a long, rocky downhill. It’s one of the first bikes we’d choose to ride Grafton Mesa, Flying Monkey or the Brian Head bike park. Put a 200mm dual-crown fork on it and it’s ready for Red Bull Rampage. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to handle the Slayer?


$89.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: SM, MD, LG, XL

Version 4 of the Ibis Ripley 29er is here and we’ve got ’em! Half a pound lighter than the LS with cutting-edge geometry and 120mm of rear wheel DW Link suspension – the new Ripley is one of our most versatile and fun big wheel trail bikes. It pedals like an XC racer and rips the singletrack donwhills like a BMX bike. If you’re all about big days but don’t want to hold back when it gets chunky, the Ibis Ripley V4 is the bike you want.

For a detailed Ripley review, including photos, specs, geometry and pricing, visit our Ibis Ripley V4 29er bike page.


$89.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: SM, MD, LG, XL

Clayton tries to be clever and not repeat the standard phrases and catch words. It’s hard to do. So whenever possible we go right to the source.

This is what Ibis has to say about their Ripmo 29er: “The Ripmo is a bike we’ve been wanting to make for a while now. Think of it as a mashup of the Ripley’s balance and speed, coupled with the Mojo HD4’s capabilities when things get hairy. It’s the bike that our Enduro World Series winning team will be using to defend their World Championship crown, so we pulled out all the stops.”

The RIPMO is not only sexy but it performs as advertised! For a full review, including photos, complete specs, geometry and price, visit our Ibis Ripmo 29er bike page.

Full size run! No matter how tall or short you are we have a RIPMO that will fit you. BIG WHEELS FOR ALL!!


$89.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: MD, LG, XL


What do you say about Knolly bikes? For those that know, YOU KNOW!

For the rest the Fugitive is the first 29er for Knolly, it took a while to become available. That lag was to make sure that when this bike hit the shop floors and demo fleets it is 100% dialed and ready for your trail adventure!

Using “Super” boost 157 trail spacing this bike will fit the tire you want to run while providing one of the best rides you can have between your legs. Fast, of course! Nimble, you bet! All Day ride ability, no doubt! Best color scheme, confirmed! To many exclamation points, no way!

If you want a 29er that does not ride like an old school 29er this is for you! Get all of the riding style and performance you have come to expect from a Knolly now available with big wheels!


Pivot Firebird--29er

$89.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: MD. LG, XL

This is probably the most anticipated bike of the season.  Just when you think bikes can’t “do it all” any better, another bike comes along that “does it all” better.  Long travel 29er’s are hotter than the surface of the Sun right now, so be sure to make a reservation on this bike.

As this bikes flows down the trail we swear we hear  it singing WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Note: Not all bike pictures match actual parts packages or colors.

Full Specs

Firebird 29 Video

Evil The Offering

$89.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: MD, LG

WOW, AWESOME, SURPRISE, and any of the other fancy adjectives you might want to add after you get done riding the newest 29er “offering” from EVIL, the OFFERING.

Is this the Goldilocks of Evil’s 29er lineup? Is this a stand-alone bike ready to go out into the world on its own? Is it borrowing the best from the Following and Wreckoning? Or is this Offering THE bike to ride wherever the trail takes you?

For a full review, including photos, complete specs, geometry and price, visit our Evil Offering 29er bike page.

Make the reservation and take this Offering, you won’t be disappointed.



$69.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: SM, MD, LG, XL

The Rocky Mountain Altitude is one of our best all-rounder mountain bikes. It’s a 27.5 all-mountain enduro bike with 150mm of travel in the rear and a 160mm fork up front. It’s a wonderfully balanced bike that pedals really well and has been described as a “Mini-Slayer” on the downhills. Rocky’s Smoothlink suspension is active both pedaling and descending so you have outstanding traction all the time. The four-bar system also separates braking from suspension so you won’t get bucked if a bunny crosses your path. We’ll happily send the Rocky Mountain Altitude out on any trail but we think at its best on big trail rides – especially our Hurricane mesa trails, Gooseberry Mesa, Guacamole and Little Creek.

Our 2020 Rocky Mountain Altitude rental bikes all have carbon frames, 1×12 drivetrains and dropper posts. If you love the bike, we can send it home with you. If you love it but it’s outside your budget, we also carry the alloy Altitude, which sells complete for just $2,999.


$89.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: MD, LG


What is MB short for?

This EVIL does what you want it to do when you want to do it.

Quick stable and ready to get you to the top of the hill. Once there it allows you to go wild on the descent!

That Is why this is MORE BETTERER.


$89.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: SM, MD, LG

The Pivot Mach 5.5 is a 27.5 do-it-all reverse-mullet party bike! What’s a reverse mullet, you ask? It’s 140mm of DW Link business in the back and 160mm of Fox 36 party in the front! It doesn’t get the attention it deserves but the Pivot Mach 5.5 is one of our most versatile and smile-inducing bikes. It pedals great and descends like a bigger bike. We’ll confidently take the Mach 5.5 on any Hurricane trail short of pro Red Bull Rampage lines.

Pivot Mach 4 SL

$69.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: XS, SM

The Pivot Mach 4 SL 29er is a super-light, race-bred, trail-eating machine and our pick for smaller, lighter riders who want a no-compromise Southern Utah mountain bike rental. Pivot has long been a friend of smaller mountain bikers, engineering great-fitting small and extra-small bikes. Amazingly, Pivot lowered the standover on the Mach 4 SL a full inch compared to its predecessor – in spite of increasing the wheel size from 27.5 to 29 inches! The Mach 4 SL’s light, stiff carbon frame, DW Link suspension and 29-inch wheels make it a powerful climber, comfortable pedaler and great all-around full-suspension rig. New-school geometry and 100mm of premium Fox suspension make it precise, playful and confident on the technical slickrock terrain you come to Southern Utah to ride. Small and extra small riders will have a great time exploring the Hurricane mesas on our Pivot Mach 4 SL 29er rental bikes.

Pivot Trail 429, 29er

$69.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: MD, LG, XL

So what’s in a name?  At Pivot this bike is and has been there best selling bike for many years.  As with all things, they needed to do a fresh update so they named the new bike the Trail 429. Moving trail from the end to the beginning while also updating and making a few tweaks.
To borrow from the Pivot website “There’s a dizzying range of bikes out there these days—XC, trail, all-mountain, enduro….What if you just want a bike that rips on nearly every trail? This is that bike. The Trail 429 is brilliant just about everywhere. It accelerates and climbs like a cross-country bike yet more than holds its own on tough terrain. We took the original Mach 429 Trail, completely reshaped the chassis and gave the bike a truly progressive geometry. The Trail 429 is even more capable on technical terrain than its predecessor yet doesn’t sacrifice a thing in the quick and nimble departments. Effortless handling, incredible power transfer and blazing acceleration are what set the Trail 429 apart from so many other trail bikes.”

This is one of the best riding, most capable bikes you could buy.


$69.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: MD, LG, XL

The Rocky Mountain Instinct BC edition is here!

What does BC stand for you ask? British Columbia edition, means big burly and playful! This edition was previously only available in carbon and higher end builds, but now we have an Alloy version that doesn’t break the banks while still delivering all the funs!

This  great 29er is nimble enough for an all day in the saddle pedal or laps around the technical mesa. Ride 9 assures you can set this bike up for each trail you ride. Having fun on a 29er has never been so easy.

We know a lot of these descriptions and magazine reviews all start to sound the same, and as we have tried to use our own words with so many great bikes they do sometimes blur together. However the Rocky Mountain Instinct is still a 29er that we have zero fear putting anyone on as it rides like a bike! It does what you want without making you feel 10 feet high in the air. You wanna blast straight through the chunk and roots, awesome this will let you do that. You wanna jump, great jump away! We know you have been tempted to get on a 29er, and the Instinct will not let you down!


$49.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: SM, MD, LG, XL

The Pipeline was one of the first 27.5+ bikes that we got really excited about! Bigger tire with lots of traction, but still able to shred on the fast or downhill sections.

This description is from the Rocky Mountain website “An all-new 2018 Pipeline frame pushes the rear travel to 140mm, increases stiffness, adjusts the suspension kinematics for more efficient pedaling and better small-bump sensitivity, and gives the frame a host of next-generation features. Available in both carbon and alloy models, the Pipeline plows through greasy roots and square-edged chunder with authority, while providing near limitless traction on rocky, slippery climbs.”

Bigger travel with some great Maxxis tires makes this a great ride.


$49.99 per business day.
Sizes Available: Two Sizes--26" & 24" wheels--4'6"-5'2" stand over is 25"

We know you ride, we also know you want your kids to ride with you. Not many great options around for kids or shorter riders. Rocky Mountain decided to help change that and in doing so designed the Reaper! This is an amazingly built bike for the young shredder in your group. This one will handle anything that is put in front of it. The Reaper is the bike you wish you had when you were younger!

Terms & Conditions

>Reservations are highly recommended during peak seasons of Spring and Fall. We charge the full amount at the time of the reservation. In the event of a cancelation store credit or a raincheck is offered if something beyond your control comes up. Worst case is a $25 dollar cancellation fee per bike. (Refunds are NOT given in the rare event that it actually rains- we can’t control the weather!)

>Our rental day is from 9-5. NOT 24 HOURS. We use the last hour of our business day to get the bikes ready for the next day of use. If you rent a bike for multiple days, it is due back by 5pm on the last day of the rental period.

>Demo–We offer up to $200 of your rental fee’s toward purchase of the bike you rented, or a new one. Often the bike you rode is available for purchase and the price is pro-rated by how many times it has been ridden. Our demo bikes range from $2800 to $6000, a substantial investment if you are looking to buy. Actually riding the bike you are interested in on REAL bike trails will give you the confidence to make a good buying decision.

>Pedals–We have Shimano SPD, Flat Pedals, and a limited number of Crank Bros Eggbeater pedals for use at no extra charge. Consider bringing your own pedals and shoes for maximum comfort and familiarity.

>Brakes–In Europe, Australia, and NZ, the front brake is on the right hand of the bar, also known as MOTO style. Not all brakes are easily switched from side to side. If you request a brake switch that requires a brake line swap, there will be a charge to bleed the brake system. Let us know ahead of time and we can put you on a bike that is easily swapped at no charge.

>Damage–Southern Utah trails are challenging. We have rocks! Sometimes people crash into rocks. Whatever the situation, you are responsible for damage to our bike’s. You will be given a chance to ride and test your bike before your ride. ALL bikes are washed, tuned and inspected after every rental. We take good care of our bikes and are proud of how well they look.

>As of 2012 we are offering an optional damage protection policy that can be purchased before you ride so that all or most of the costs of an unfortunate crash are mitigated. For $5 per day we will cover the first $100 of damage to a bike and that even includes an inner tube should you have a flat! Damage that comes to $101-$400 you would only pay 40% of retail price and damage from $401-$2000 you would pay 50% of retail price. If a total loss of your rental bike should occur (yes unfortunately bikes have flown off of cliffs and cars) you would be responsible for the “demo sale” of the bike instead of the full retail amount. Details and terms and conditions can be viewed before you pick up your bike and we can answer any questions you may have. We think our Damage Protection Plan is a good idea, as most repairs are well under the $100 mark and most are just inner tubes which would cost $7 anyway. Regardless of whether you purchase damage protection or not, YOU are responsible for the bike you rent. We aren’t out to gouge anyone, we just want to keep our fleet looking and riding great so that you have a great time in HURRICANE.

>Rain!–It doesn’t rain here in the desert very often. But when it does, it is NOT GOOD! Some of our soil turns to a mud that has the consistency of peanut butter and weighs about ten times as much. Wheels won’t roll through bike frames, and trails are rutted badly. On the bright side though, some of our more sandy areas are improved by moisture and our soil dries out very quickly. Often rain in the morning means sweet tacky dirt in the afternoon. Please use good judgement and don’t ride when our trails are wet. We update our Facebook page often with trail conditions, or call us for the latest information. Please ask us where to ride when the trails are wet.

>Shipping Personal Bikes–Should you choose to ship your own bike to us and NOT rent one of our amazing bikes, please call first. We charge $15 to hold a box, and other fee’s apply should you want us to build or tune your bike upon arival. We need to get info from you before you ship. We’ll need your name on the box at a minum so we don’t spend an hour trying to find out whose box just arrived with no info on it. Also, shipping rates have sky-rocketed, for most vacations it can be cheaper to rent and it’s fun to try new bikes anyway.

>Bike parts and kits are subject to change as needed