Pivot Shuttle E-MTB (Archived)

Pivot Shuttle XT Build
Price: Starting at $11,699
Daily Rental: $135
(435) 635-5455
• Pedal-Assist All-Mountain E-MTB Bike
• Wheel Size: 29er
• Frame: Carbon Fiber
• Travel: 140mm rear/160mm front
• Suspension: DW Link
• Drive System: Shimano Steps with Shimano XT drivetrain
 Pivot Shuttle E-MTB (Archived)

Daily Rental: $135

Purchase Price: $11,699

Specs Geometry Pricing

Pivot Shuttle Description

The original Pivot Shuttle AM has been discontinued and archived. If you’re interested in current all-mountain/enduro E-MTB’s, take a look at the Pivot Shuttle LT. If you’re looking for a lighter, E-MTB, check out the Pivot Shuttle SL.

We all have busy lives and it’s hard to set aside time for outdoor activities like mountain biking, even though we know they’re important for our health and sanity. The Pivot Shuttle pedal-assist mountain bike is a great option for active people with tight schedules. With the Pivot Shuttle e-mtb you can get the fun and health benefits of a real mountain bike ride in an hour or less. You’ll get more out of your weekend rides and roadtrip adventures. With a full carbon frame, Fox suspension and true trail bike geometry, the Pivot Shuttle is a serious mountain bike and a genuine solution for busy people who have a tough time getting out for a ride.

Thanks to recent regulation changes, pedal-assist e-bikes are now legal on most Hurricane-area trails. And if you set aside all the arguments for and against, one thing is clear – they making getting out on the trail and enjoying the outdoors a lot easier. The original selling points for e-mtbs were mostly about accessibility – they make mountain biking possible for riders with physical challenges. That’s still true and great but the conversation has shifted to the ways pedal-assist e-mountain bikes can benefit people with busy schedules who have difficulty putting aside time to ride.

One of the best-reviewed and lightest pedal-assist mountain bikes on the market, the Pivot Shuttle was designed by mountain bikers so it handles like a real mountain bike. It is, in fact, a real mountain bike – with a pedal-assist boost. As Pivot says on their web site, “Shimano’s STEPS eMTB system amplifies your capabilities.”

Pivot based the Shuttle on their versatile and popular Mach 5.5 trail bike and gave it their best mountain bike technology. It’s got an all-carbon frame with 140mm of DW Link suspension in the rear and a 150mm Fox 36e fork in the front. Like the Mach 5.5, the geometry is designed for aggressive trail riding; but Pivot tweaked it to make room for faster-rolling 29-inch wheels and to increase stability at speed. Short chainstays make the handling nimble while the big wheels, slightly longer wheel base and slack head angle keep it smooth, intuitive and confident when you’re flat out on the DH.

Of course, what separates the Pivot Shuttle from most other mountain bikes is its pedal-assist, electric drive system. There’s no free ride (do feel free to freeride, though). The Shuttle is not an electric motorcycle – you have to pedal to make it move and the speed is limited to 20 miles-per-hour. You will get sweaty and your heart rate will go up. The Shuttle use Shimano’s Steps drive system, which is known for reliability and smooth, natural power delivery. The Shimano Steps E7000 motor offers three levels of pedal-assist power, accessible from a couple of buttons on the left side of the handlebar, next to the dropper post lever. In Eco mode, the lowest power setting, the increased pedal power is gentle and natural but it’s definitely something you’ll notice. The Trail setting gives your pedal strokes quite a bit of extra power and the Boost mode really gets you going. As noted before, though, you always have to pedal and the Shuttle’s maximum pedal-assist speed is 20 MPH. If you want to go faster than that you’ve gotta find a steep hill and really point it.

You might think a sophisticated suspension system wouldn’t be as important for an e-mtb. However, once you ride one you realize good suspension is even more important on a pedal-assist mountain bike. That enhanced pedal power means extra work for the Shuttle’s suspension. The good news is, Pivot’s DW Link system ensures the rear wheel stays planted, putting power to the ground when you’re pedaling, no matter what the trail surface or speed. Pick your line and pedal and the suspension will keep the tire on the trail and keep you moving uphill. When you’re descending, the DW Link system and Fox suspension components are open and active, soaking up every impact and making the Shuttle corner like it’s on rails.

If you’re trying to decide if the Pivot Shuttle is for you, there’s no better way than renting one for a couple of days. E-mtb bikes might not be everyone’s cup of tea but there’s no way to know without giving them a solid chance. If you’re looking for a way to do more quality riding in a shorter time or explore more trails on your weekends and vacations, the Pivot Shuttle is an excellent option. The pedal-assist motor makes a real difference in how much energy you need to ride. Most people find they ride more often and put in more miles on an e-mtb. The Pivot Shuttle is also a great way to equalize groups with varied fitness abilities. If you want to introduce a friend or spouse to mountain biking or give an older person a real mountain bike experience, the Pivot Shuttle is an excellent way to make riding more accessible and fun.

*Price and specs subject to change.

Pivot Shuttle Specs

The specs below are for the Pivot Shuttle Race XT build – our standard Pivot Shuttle rental bikes. Pivot also sells a higher-spec’d “Team XTR” Shuttle and we’ll be happy to order one for you or build one up to your own personal specifications.

Drivetrain: Shimano XT GS 1×11
Wheels: DT Swiss EB 1935 29-inch
Tires: Maxxis Minion DHF TR EXO+ 3CT 2.5 & Maxxis Minion DHR II TR EXO+ 3CT 2.4
Frame: 140mm-travel carbon fiber
Fork: 160mm Fox Performance E-MTB 36, 44mm offset, GRIP
Shock: Fox Performance Float DPX2
Drive System: Shimano Steps DU-E7000
Brakes: Shimano MT520 4-piston disc brakes with 203mm front rotor and rear 180mm rotor
Stem: Phoenix Team Enduro/Trail
Handlebar: 750mm Phoenix Race Low Rise aluminum
Seatpost: KS Rage 125mm (SM), 150mm (MD,XL)
Saddle: Phoenix WTB Race Vigo
Headset: Pivot Precision Sealed Cartridge
Grips: Phoenix Team Padloc
Weight (actual): TBD

*Prices and specs subject to change.

Pivot Shuttle Geometry

Size SM (15.57″/ 396mm) MD (16.83″/ 427mm) LG (18.05″/ 458mm) XL (19.54″/ 496mm)
Head Angle 65.2° 65.2° 65.2° 65.3°
Seat Angle 74° 74° 74° 74°
Virtual TT 23.60 in. / 600mm 24.38 in. / 619mm 25.23 in. / 641mm 26.26 in. / 667mm
Seat Tube Length 15.57 in. / 396mm 16.83 in. / 427mm 18.05 in. / 458mm 19.54 in. / 496mm
Head Tube Length 4.33 in. / 110mm 4.72 in. / 120mm 5.12 in. / 130mm 5.51 in. / 140mm
Bottom-Bracket Height 14.2 in. / 363mm 14.2 in. / 363mm 14.2 in. / 363mm 14.2 in. / 363mm
Chainstay Length 17.2 in. / 438mm 17.2 in. / 438mm 17.2 in. / 438mm 17.2 in. / 438mm
Stack Height 23.9 in. / 607mm 24.3 in. / 616mm 24.6 in. / 625mm 25.0 in. / 635mm
Reach Length 16.5 in. / 419mm 17.3 in. / 439mm 18.1 in. / 459mm 19.1 in. / 484mm
Standover Height 27.18 in. / 690mm 27.2 in. / 691mm 27.23 in. / 692mm 28.0 in. / 711mm
Wheelbase 44.98 in. / 1143mm 46.32 in. / 1177mm 47.26 in. / 1200mm 48.4 in. / 1229mm


Pivot Shuttle Pricing

Pivot offers two standard build kits for the Shuttle e-mtb. If you want to build your own custom Shuttle, let us know. We love building custom bikes! If you have any questions or want to talk about ordering and building your very own Pivot Shuttle mountain bike, give us a call: (435)635-5455

Bike/Build Frame Drivetrain Fork Shock Wheels Price
Pivot Shuttle Race XT Carbon Shimano XT GS 1×11 Fox Performance E-MTB 36 Fox Performance Float DPX2 DT Swiss EB 1935 $7,899
Pivot Shuttle Team XTR Carbon Shimano XTR SGS 1×12 Fox Factory E-MTB 36 Fox Factory Float DPX2 DT Swiss EB 1535 $10,499

*Prices and specs subject to change. –>