All bikes will be delivered Cleaned, Tuned and Ready to Ride.

Looking to get a great deal on an awesome bike!?   Our demo bikes are for sale year round.  Below you will find a handful of the bikes we demo at amazing prices. All demo bikes in the fleet are for sale, below is just an example of what we have ready to sell.  For more info and choices contact us any day of the week!

Our demo bikes range from $2499 to $6600 new, a substantial investment if you are looking to buy.  Buying a high end bike slightly loved can often cut the cost by a third. Allowing you to get the bike of your dreams.   For peace of mind,  all bikes are fully tuned and cleaned after every ride.  Parts are replaced as needed. Furthermore, manufacture warranty is transferable with the demo sale, and bikes shipped out-of-state are charged no sales tax – we will gladly ship to you!

We would encourage you to test out the bike first, as fit and comfort are very important.  We offer up to $200 of your rental/demo fee’s towards the purchase of a bike.   Riding the bike you are interested in will give you the confidence and peace of mind knowing you are taking home an above average used bike.

Send us an email with any questions or to request more detailed pics of a particular bike you are interested in – [email protected]


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