Stacy Griswold’s, “Cancer Sucks,” Revel Rascal Mountain Bike

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Photo of a purple, full-suspension mountain bike with silver components, against an out-of-focus Southwestern landscape.
Purple, “Cancer Sucks,” Revel Rascal mountain bike, owned by Stacy Griswold.

We built this beautiful, “Cancer Sucks,” Revel Rascal a little over a year ago. It belonged to friend and long-time customer, Stacy Griswold, who recently passed. The bike cost about $8000 to build and we’re selling it for his family for $6000. This isn’t something we usually do but we want to make sure Stacy’s family gets full value for the bike and it goes to someone who appreciates it.

A photo of the words, "Cancer Sucks," in silver, on the top tube of a purple mountain bike.
“Cancer Sucks,” graphic on Stacy Griswold’s custom purple Revel Rascal mountain bike. Stacy died of cancer early this year.

Stacy recently lost his battle with cancer. Don’t call him a cancer victim, though. He was diagnosed in early 2019 and he lived far longer than the doctors predicted. When he built this beautiful Revel Rascal, his second “Cancer Sucks” bike, he was looking healthy and feeling good. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to ride it for long. He died in January at the age of 66. He will be missed.

A mountain biker, in the air, jumping off a wooden jump onto a dirt trail, with green grass and trees in the background.
Stacy, hitting a drop at Brian Head Bike Park in 2019, a few months after his cancer diagnosis.

Stacy was a big part of the Hurricane mountain bike community. He was very friendly, a regular in the shop and he always volunteered to lead rides during the Hurricane MTB Festival. During the week he drove an eighteen-wheeler and weekend mountain bike rides were his escape. He liked all kinds of riding but what he loved most were all day adventures. We don’t have many photos of Stacy because he didn’t care much for socializing or sessioning when he was on his bike. And frankly, our photographer, Photo-John, couldn’t keep. Once Stacy was on the trail, he just wanted to pedal, pedal, pedal. He had one speed and it lasted all day long.

Stacy’s, purple “Cancer Sucks,” Revel Rascal is a size large. He really did a nice job on the build. We love the purple and silver color scheme and the specs are top notch. It was barely ridden and it’s in excellent shape. Check out the photos below for more details and visit our Revel Rascal bike page for more technical info. Please contact us if you’re interested in buying this bike or if you have any questions about it at all. All the money from the sale of Stacy’s, “Cancer Sucks,” bike will go to his family.

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