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Dec / 06 / 2012

Fear & falling off

Fear & Falling Off What a gift I received this week; Hans Rey has just released his ever so inspiring and beautiful coffee table book. Yeah, it's pretty and really cool all the places Hans has been in his life. But more than that this book is about a life that dared to choose its own course and a man who was brave enough to go down a path where none had gone and few have followed. Hans Rey built his legacy on one wonderful truth, the courage to try something he loved and stay true to his line when fear said "who knows what fear sounds like in the head of Hans Rey" but I know that whatever it sounds like in youthful 1970's German; it hasn't deterred him from a path that led to a beautiful life experience and one that he has so graciously and genuinely shared […]

Oct / 05 / 2012

Over the Edge of the World

Sorry… I suck at Blogging, OK, I suck at alot of things but… here goes SInce the OTE wolrd began abck in 1995 in Fruita. So much has happened along the front of Mountain Biking. We work with land managers all over the planet to help duplicate awesome-ness in anyplace that seeks it. My life has become a confusing wonderful world of talking to my stores about leading the charge in Hurricane – Fruita – Sedona – Melrose and boy do they do an awesome job. The MTB trail (Singletrack and please respect it as such) development scene is in full swing in all of these towns. Sedon is getting a slew of user-built-awesome trails into an organized and maintainable system as we speak. Hurricane is building an uphill trail to preserve the directional coolness of the JEM and Goulds Rim and Melrose built it's first machine built trail out […]

Sep / 17 / 2012

"trail je duša MTB"

OTE is huge in the Eastern EU. Troy oprava.pdf

Apr / 21 / 2012

Looking over the EDGE

MTB Season is full on! It's a great time to be back home in Fruita where we are about to delve into the 17th year of Fat Tire fun in this once "unheard of" road side of Fruita Colorado. Crazy how things have changed here; last night I spent my evening in downtown Fruita. Seriously? Yeah, really! and hey, check this out, I saw two live bands; both awesome, I shared abeer at two places and met dozens of cool folks from all over the world. roght here; in the land of awesome! Seventeen years ago it was all you could do to find a radio station and a burger in this town; now, I saw a town filled with fun loving people sharing the wonder of a singletrack story and a night on the town with MTB friends old and new.  It made me realize; there is no truth […]

Oct / 26 / 2011

Beware of Whitey!

Amazing Season in the land of Over the Edge. With Springtime in full swing down under and the summer temps looming. Fruita and Hurricane are seeing snow on the peaks over looking MTB paradise. Sedona is in full motion now and seeing the threat of high country snow peak the interest in the year round red rock MTB paradise of sedona AZ. No matter where you choose right now it is a strong vibe of "come ride with us". Troy here; writing from Flagstaff AZ where I can see snow on the peaks but I can assure you; if you venture down to AZ all winter long we can cure your white wash blues and remove that "I love skiing" mantra from your vocabulary for a few days. You've never seen a better winter escape than a sun tanned MTB ride in January   Come ride with us

Jul / 16 / 2011

Christmas in July

Mid July… Fruita Colorado USA; the forecast today said a high would crest 100 degrees! it did not. Morning was cool and crisp and as I wandered and pondered about my house I decided that the obvious thing to do was to go ride some Singletrack. With an actual high that barely topped 80 degrees and trails refreshed by occasional summer rains; the sweet flow of the Bookcliffs weas callin' my name… "Troy… come ride with me…" The trails were indeed sweet as can be and the parking lot saw only a few cars and even less riders; OK, one, once I got on the trail. It was like Christmas in July; I'm not sure about all this global climate change although I have no douybts that we, as unhappy people desperately seeking hope through consumption, yeah… we've jacked up things and I doubt we will admit it before it's […]

Jul / 11 / 2011

Sedona Arizona coming soon

Sedona, Arizona, USA It was the winter of 1997 when snow fell heavy on our trails and several of us from Over the Edge sought any opportunity to escape this "off season" and continue the Singletrack Mountain Biking that was fueling our passion for a young upcoming MTB Mecca that we all know as Fruita Colorado. We were psyched to ride; we were excited to see new and different trails to fuel the creative fires that had been set in Western Colorado for a couple years now. We loved what we were doing in Fruita but we had heard about this place down south where the sun shone strong and the trails were dry while we faced this threat of mental depression that many refer to as "ski season". We were less than interested in "hanging up the bike" and had seen enough snow and decided to head south where […]

Jun / 27 / 2011

wandering around the EDGE

Summer takes over from Spring and things start to slow a little in the world of OTE. I have just returned from anothe r great trip down under where all things EDGE are alive and well. Our fourth Fat Tyre Festival in Melrose saw a sunny weekend with great attendance and even international representation from the USA (besides me this time) and as far as Italia. It still thrills my soul everytime I get to ride my bike on skinny sungletrack under a Gum Tree while a Kangaroo crosses frantically past my front wheel, that, is cool! Speaking of cool; the new destination project in Attherton Queensland Australia is going forward in great ways and I was privaledged to be invited with IMBA Australias Nic Bowman to do a trail design school for the enthusiastic locals there in the tropics. Just up from Cairns sits the Atherton tablelands adn the […]

May / 04 / 2011

18 Hours is full on; one more time!

The 18 Hours of Fruita will start at midnight Friday for the 7th year of this good time/sweet singletrack/always sold out race. With a unique midnight start and 18 hour format; Fruita Colorado and the posse from Over the Edge Sports have invented a format that has become an icon in endurance racing. Camping is on the lush green grass of highline lake state park with warm showers and power and all sorts of goodness. From the lake shore start its almost 100% singletrack around the 6.5 mile course leaving just enough wide path to pass and so much swoopy bermy 12" trail that it makes you giggle the whole lap around… well, mostly, it does get a little old for those solo entrees I am certain. I just rode the course and with the new edition of super cool singletrack that was a bit new and rough last year, […]

Apr / 28 / 2011

Come ride with us

"Come ride with us" Welcome to Over the Edge Sports and our new site. Why are you here? because you ride, and you know we ride, and it's likely that you have already ridden in one of our amazing mountain bike destinations. If not, we are here to help you make that happen. OTE — as we call ourselves — is based around that passion to discover and to seek adventure and to use a bike as an excuse to live an amazing life experience instead of the mundane existence we are too often sold. Over the Edge is now in four places where I can assure you, you will find adventure and an amazing experience and we are here to help you make that happen. Founded in Fruita, Colorado sixteen years ago, OTE became synonymous with Fruita. We built trails, we hosted a festival and we invited you to […]