18 Hours is full on; one more time!

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The 18 Hours of Fruita will start at midnight Friday for the 7th year of this good time/sweet singletrack/always sold out race. With a unique midnight start and 18 hour format; Fruita Colorado and the posse from Over the Edge Sports have invented a format that has become an icon in endurance racing. Camping is on the lush green grass of highline lake state park with warm showers and power and all sorts of goodness. From the lake shore start its almost 100% singletrack around the 6.5 mile course leaving just enough wide path to pass and so much swoopy bermy 12" trail that it makes you giggle the whole lap around… well, mostly, it does get a little old for those solo entrees I am certain.

I just rode the course and with the new edition of super cool singletrack that was a bit new and rough last year, it is now packed and buff and oh so fast and fun. I just rode a 32 minute lap without much condition and certainly not at full on killing myself pace. Just a fun fast lap and it shows that the course is in the best condition ever! If you aren't racing (it sells out by March – www.active.com) you shou7ld roll a lap or two just because its the newest flow ride in the grand valley and a must do.

Cheers, see you in a few days racers!