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Sedona, Arizona, USA

It was the winter of 1997 when snow fell heavy on our trails and several of us from Over the Edge sought any opportunity to escape this "off season" and continue the Singletrack Mountain Biking that was fueling our passion for a young upcoming MTB Mecca that we all know as Fruita Colorado. We were psyched to ride; we were excited to see new and different trails to fuel the creative fires that had been set in Western Colorado for a couple years now. We loved what we were doing in Fruita but we had heard about this place down south where the sun shone strong and the trails were dry while we faced this threat of mental depression that many refer to as "ski season". We were less than interested in "hanging up the bike" and had seen enough snow and decided to head south where I could recall intense sunshine even in January from days of road racing in the Grand Canyon State. The group dwindled as time off and domestic ties and weaker souls succumed to the threat of fiscal responsability. But a possee of three; Brent, Kevin and I loaded up the car and headed south for the very first Over the Edge Arizona January retreat. A few days riding the few trails we knew in Sedona nd a few days exploring around Phoenix turned into an instant January tyradition. Soon everyone wanted to go; houses were borrowed and the trip grew. Riding in Sedona bacame the anchor and Phoenix the off shoot trip. There is no place I have ever been that you can ride your bike form any hotel you choose and ride singletrack all day long on some of the most diverse and challenging trails anywhere. HWen your done; its never far from the place you started with maybe a quick food stop ebwteen your trail and your waiting hot tub. Sedona has been a winter solace for the freinds and family of Over the Edge for many cherished years.

This fall season will bring a highlight of that story and the dawn of the next chapter as Over the Edge Sedona will open in the old Mountain Bike Heaven space in west Sedona. With all respect to Rama and Nod and Co. and the legend of the Sedona Seven and their one of a kind MTB assault on the Grand Canyon some years ago. We wish them all their own wonderful new chapter and we are honored to carry forth the tradition of hosting Mountian Biking in West Sedona AZ. It was actuallt the catslyst to this location I had always dreamed of becoming a reality; when I heard that the mountain Bike Heaven Tradition was coming to an end, we all knew, we needed to seaze the opportunity to play host to one of our favorite Mountain Bike towns on the planet.

We will do what we always do; we will help you find the best fo the trails, we will have every brake pad and deraileur hanger we can antocipate that you need and we will do all we can to add to and support the wonderful MTB tradition that the passionate Sedona riders and amazing trail builders have carved out of this spectacular desert paradise. It is time for all of you who have heard of the riding here to come discover what so many of us already know; if you want a seriously wonderful off season MTB destination; we want to see you at OTE Sedona.

Come ride with us…

Grand Opening September 2011  – 

Over the Edge Sedona  –  1695 West Hwy 89A, Sedona, Arizona 86336  –  –