Christmas in July

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Mid July… Fruita Colorado USA;

the forecast today said a high would crest 100 degrees! it did not. Morning was cool and crisp and as I wandered and pondered about my house I decided that the obvious thing to do was to go ride some Singletrack. With an actual high that barely topped 80 degrees and trails refreshed by occasional summer rains; the sweet flow of the Bookcliffs weas callin' my name… "Troy… come ride with me…" The trails were indeed sweet as can be and the parking lot saw only a few cars and even less riders; OK, one, once I got on the trail. It was like Christmas in July; I'm not sure about all this global climate change although I have no douybts that we, as unhappy people desperately seeking hope through consumption, yeah… we've jacked up things and I doubt we will admit it before it's pretty darn late in the game; but… hey; on a bright side note, its really nice in Fruita right now…

We tend to posses an extremely miopic view of thigs as humans; I'm sure that the fact that we have poisened the worlds water supply and created a diet consisting of huge anounts of poo; well, I know and I dont know what to do about it. I do know, however that I have something for all of you who might feel a bit oppressed by things as they are. I have an offer of a special chance to adjust your view and gain a clearer view  of the truths that lie within you. Whether it's on your bike or on a rock or on a river or wherever; the gift that we share from the world of "Over the Edge" is to "get out"! Find your way out into the real world made of dirt, water and stone! Go ride a bike; come ride with us, but whatever you do? turn that damn thing off; like they say on airplanes, "if it has an off switch? turn it off" and get yourself some fresh perspective over the bars of a bike or the paddle of a boat or the wanderign wonder of your two feet. It's our wish for you and I feel like I have some pretty good credentials at delivering this wisdom to a high degree of success to over a million folks in the days of my lucky life. I saw it this mornign and I know its true; things seem dark and gloomy? get out in the dirt and see what changes within your soul. if you don't know what else to do? Come ride with us! Theres and OTE in Hurricane Utah, South Australia and soon in Sedona AZ as well as the homeland of Fruita; seriously, your invited, "Come ride with us"

There's an irony to this "perspective" and this post; I cant hardly see. I go in for eye surgery Tuesday and I feel of course a bit… well, I'm "choosing" to feel grateful, not afraid. It's a bit threatening but in light of what I said above; I feel so grateful that I can be fixed and that I will "see' many more days of exploring the wonder of life and seeing the beauty of this oh so awesome world around me. I know we all know; "don't take your life for granted" its been said a trillion times. But even more than this; look at what your life is made up of. Ask yourself; "is this the life I want"? if not; find a path that leads you to where you want to be and if your thinking economy or opportuntiy right now? you're not really thinking about "your life". your stuck looking at the avatar of your existance; I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about you, the real voice of you from deep inside. Yeah; you know it, now hear it and listen to where it's pointing. If it leads you to someplace beautiful? I'd love to hear about it. If it leads you to Fruita or any OTE location? The riding is SICK right now!

No matter what; I just wanted to share my view; blurry and dark as it may be right now, I hope it wont be this way for long but I'm grateful for the experience. As we have all heard so many times as well; you dont appreciate what you really have until it's gone. I'm just really really lucky, I get a chance to appreciate my sight without having to loose it forevor. Thanks!

Now do something awesome!



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