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"Come ride with us"

Welcome to Over the Edge Sports and our new site. Why are you here? because you ride, and you know we ride, and it's likely that you have already ridden in one of our amazing mountain bike destinations. If not, we are here to help you make that happen. OTE — as we call ourselves — is based around that passion to discover and to seek adventure and to use a bike as an excuse to live an amazing life experience instead of the mundane existence we are too often sold. Over the Edge is now in four places where I can assure you, you will find adventure and an amazing experience and we are here to help you make that happen.

Founded in Fruita, Colorado sixteen years ago, OTE became synonymous with Fruita. We built trails, we hosted a festival and we invited you to come ride. That's what we are doing in every OTE location — sharing the passion that is the root of MTB culture. Hurricane, Utah lies in the shadow of Zion and the Red Bull Rampage, but hosts some of the best singletrack slickrock riding in the world, we'll show you! Melrose, South Australia is your MTB excuse to go ride in OZ, chase a Kangaroo down a sick singletrack beneath the sounds of kookaburra's. This winter when your tired of the cold; come ride with us in Sedona, Arizona where January brings 60 degrees and riding that will blow your mind.

Wherever you see an Over the Edge, consider yourself invited to come ride a bit of amazing. We'll help. we have the things you need and the ability to fix whats broke, we have demo bikes and fun toys too bring home and share with friends and family. Sure sales keeps us in business and keeps us building trails, but its passion that keeps us going, and we are eager to share that with you…

Come ride with us,

Troy Rarick, Founder
Over the Edge International
Fruita – Melrose – Hurricane – Sedona – ????