2023 Afterbike MTB Gathering

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2023 Afterbike MTB gathering: photo of a Southern Utah landscape with a red rock mountain in the background and a large pine tree and line of mountain bikers riding over slickrock in the foreground.
A line of mountain bikers following Over the Edge, Hurricane shop owner, Quentin Morisette, across the slickrock during the 2023 Afterbike gathering in Southern Utah.

We had a fantastic Afterbike, last month. The crew was fun, the food was tasty and the riding, as always, was outstanding. Afterbike is our annual fall mtb get-together and this was the third year since we decided to bring it back. For more info on the history of the event, read our 2021 Afterbike story. Scroll down to go straight to our 2023 Afterbike MTB gathering party and ride photos.

2023 Afterbike MTB gathering:  a photo of two women riding full-suspension mountain bikes down a steep, slickrock slope in Southern Utah.
Local riders, Kathy Van Dewoestine and Grace Losser, riding a steep slickrock line at Little Creek Mesa during the 2023 Afterbike MTB gathering.

Historically, late September weather in Southern Utah is perfect. That’s part of the reason we have Afterbike when we do. This year, the weather was unseasonably cool – perfect riding weather, actually. For Saturday’s Little Creek ride, it was overcast in Hurricane with temps in the low 70’s and even cooler up on the mesas. We even got a little rain towards the end of our ride.

We’ve always gone to Little Creek Mesa for the Saturday Afterbike ride. It’s Quentin’s favorite and best ridden with locals so you don’t get lost. Riding the mesas with locals also means you get to see some of the many hard to find extra credit bits. For our 2023 Afterbike MTB gathering, we hit a lot of the bonus lines on our Little Creek ride and everyone had a great time playing follow-the-leader on the slickrock.

2023 Afterbike MTB gathering:  a photo of smiling, bearded man in glasses, backwards baseball hat and a red Jackson Hole T-shirt, holding up a large slab of grilled meat.
OTE HU bike mechanic and Afterbike grill master, Gabe Pendley.

After the ride, we headed back to the shop for cold beverages and BBQ. This year’s grill master was OTE HU mechanic, Gabe Pendley. He cooked for Afterbike last year and it was a no-brainer putting him in charge of the food again. He grilled up marinated skirt steak and chicken for fajitas, as well as a super-tasty portobello mushroom and squash, vegan fajita option. Gabe also made elote (Mexican corn on the cob), homemade salsa and his special charro beans. After the fajitas, everyone enjoyed some tasty Oreo tres leches cake from local bakery, Muddy Bees. Check them out for great sandwiches, fresh bread, local honey and pastries.

Photo of a plate of grilled meat and sauce on charred flour tortillas, with a small cob of hot sauce-covered Mexican street corn and a slice of lime.
The chef’s personal plate of fajitas. Come to Afterbike for the mountain biking, stay for the BBQ party!

Fall in the desert is wonderful and Afterbike is a perfect excuse for a Southern Utah mountain bike roadtrip. We have some fresh ideas for next year’s Afterbike and you won’t want to miss it. Make sure to put a Hurricane trip on your calendar for next September.

2023 Afterbike MTB gathering:  photo of a group of colorfully-dressed mountain bikers on slickrock overlooking a Southern Utah canyon with a red rock mountain in the background.
Mountain bikers hanging out on the rim of a Southern Utah canyon during the 2023 Afterbike MTB gathering.

2023 Afterbike Photo Gallery

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