Awesome Easter

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What an awesome Easter we had in Melrose, the weather was stunning and plenty of folk were out to cycle it up.

We started the precession on Saturday with a fantastic ride out at Bartagunyah taking in the whisky trail and a little test of the new Super D beginning out there soon. On arrival back in Melrose my warm down consisted of turning the cycle rotisserie sheep on a spit for an hour! The spit was prototype 1, so we were able to detail a few changes in the minutiae so it will be mint when it is rolled out again at the FTF, but the lamb tasted wonderful at 9.30pm and was even better by 10.30.

Morning rides were super popular as were the family rides we hosted from the shop. Great people were out riding and camping with the romantic smell of camp fires all over town in the mornings and evenings.

Plenty of work was done too with some new lines plotted at Barts and plenty of old lines sprayed in so we will once again be able to find our way. There was even a little time to start shaping the chicane on blazing saddles!