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18 / Aug / 2015

A Busy Sedona Summer; Awesome Riding Ahead!

Sedona Summers are great! Warm days basking by and swimming in Oak Creek, and cool nights staring up at the stars.  Summer mountain biking is just as incredible! After the monsoons… Our mountain bike trails become moist and tacky, more importantly… uncrowded!  temps are cool…  Its the perfect time to ride! In addition to our usual fun… the shop has been crazy busy!   We’ve been working 25 hours a day 9 days a week!  We do it not because we have to,  but because we want to!  We absolutely love it here!  Sedona is awesome… Our trails are awesome!  In addition to our ever increasing summer business, we have been preparing for the fall riding season!  We’ve been hard at work to make this fall the best season yet…  to make YOUR riding experience absolutely amazing! For the fall riding season we once again have a full line of brand […]

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16 / Aug / 2015

2015 Demo Bike Sale! Niner, Intense, Trek

Get Stoked!  All 2015 demo bikes are now on sale!   To make room for the new rental bike fleet,  these bikes need to go. Available bikes are from our 2015 Sedona bike rental fleet.  Sedona cycling is the real deal,  and so are our demo bikes!  All bikes are in great condition and come with the factory warranty!   Bikes are tuned and cleaned after every ride and parts are replaced as necessary!  Stop by today or give us a call!  (928) 282-1106. With a new bike from OTE Sedona, you’ll be riding with STEEZE in no time! Check out the list of bikes on sale here:  Demo Sale  

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17 / Jan / 2015

Shred the RED (Jersey) NOW in stock

Have you seen our new jersery!??  Of course you haven't,  they just arrived yesterday.  Opening the box, my stoke level went through the vortex!  These baby's are beautiful!  Before the jerseys arrived here in Sedona they were on the catwalk in Paris, London and beyond! Designer Shred the Red cycling wear is finally being noticed around the glode. I know you can't see it here,  but names of the best single track trails in existance are written on the sides of the jersey! Hint: if you want one,  We'll mail it to you 😉 Enjoy your weekend! and Shred the Red

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