Todos Santos | OTE 3 Day

06 / Dec / 2019

Come ride with us in Baja!

December 6-8 2019 Over The Edge Todos Santos will be hosting 3 days of Baja awesomeness on and off the bike. Love tacos? Love trails? Love margaritas? Between tacos, trails, post ride drinks and time at the beach, this promises to be an amazing get together with OTE family and friends including:

  • Todos Santos taqueria tour (Everyone loves tacos right?)
  • Riding the Pueblo Magico trail (In 2006 the Mexican Government designated Todos Santos one of only about a hundred Pueblo Magicos, towns honored for their cultural richness and natural beauty.)
  • la playa baja style (“La playa” is beach in Spanish)



This 3 Day event is growing quickly, if you’re planning to attend please contact the shop at  011 52 (612) 145-0625 for more info and to reserve a bike if needed. As with all OTE 3Day Events this will be a fun social event, it’s not a race, and all rides will be no drop with shuttles provided if needed. The following schedule is for your planning information only and is subject to change. It’s what we we are planning to be doing however there is no pressure for you to do all of it.

Please Note – While OTE Baja will be providing some snacks and occasional cold drinks, all meals, coffee, booze etc will be your own responsibility. We are telling you where we will be eating and drinking, however it’s up to you to meet us there and pay for your own meals and drinks. We will provide transportation where possible. As always please contact the shop if you have any questions.

FRIDAY – Dec 6

Bienvenidos a Todos Santos!

We’ll start the day with awesome…we’ll all meet at the bike shop and walk over to check out Julianna at Taller 17 who just might be the best barista + baker in all of Baja right here, around the corner. The shop crew will spend the morning registering and gearing up our guests, providing bike set-up and equipment prep while we wind our way through town on foot, taking in the sites and scouting for breakfast chilaquiles as riding fuel for our first no-drop afternoon group ride. Sierra Madre + Old Port takes off through the local foothills and ends as a seaside ride along the cliffs overlooking the mighty Pacific Ocean. OTE Baja will provide snacks and refreshments while you’re taking that epic bike selfie to prove where you’ve been…looking out for the whales Over The Edge! A snappy jaunt back to the shop and hotel for a quick clean-up to begin the evening with a taco tour and craft beers post ride. Go to bed early, we have a big day tomorrow!!



Shake it off sleepy-heads!

We meet at the bike shop, ready to roll at 7:00 for a caravan shuttle departure to Rancho Cacachilas in the Sierra de la Laguna foothills via East Cape. This is a no-drop ride on single-track trails through a unique, undisturbed biosphere, ending with an authentic Baja ranchero post-ride lunch. Please provide your RSVP for this ride by November 29th so that all transport and bike accommodations can be preset. On-board snacks and beverages will be provided for the road trip there and back. We’ll arrive back in Todos Santos early afternoon for a rest, dip in the pool or heck, why not a margarita – you earned it?! Our group will then head to El Pescadero, about 10 minutes south of town to have dinner off the Pacific in the beautiful gardens of Hierbabuena – the area’s premier farm-to-table dining concept. A good night’s sleep will feel good after today’s ride and a full belly…sweet dreams…Over The Edge!

SUNDAY – Dec 8

Feel good to sleep in…who wants an early breakfast?

Today we roll out the shop doors at 10:00 am for a delightful ride on swoopy desert trails that punch in and out of several lush arroyos just north of town. Trailhead snacks and beverages will be provided before heading back to town. You’ll have free time mid-day before we head out to The Green Room on the beach of La Pastor surf break to end our day with awesome tapas plates and yummy seaside cocktails. Here’s where you’re gonna see that dang green flash…Over The Edge! We’ll find our way back to town via caravan shuttle.

Upon arrival, check in for registration in the OTE Baja bike shop, where we can meet you and provide a detailed weekend itinerary which outlines each day’s activities and timing. Options to any of these activities – morning hike, yoga class, massage, surf lessons – are available for us to coordinate on your behalf, upon request. Except where noted, this is a buy-your-own way experience. Ground transportation, local guides, snacks and beverages are provided, as noted.


“You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…”

Hotel Recommendations – book now! 

  • Hotel California
  • La Bohemia
  • Casa Tota
  • Todos Santos Inn
  • Guaycura Hotel
  • Hotel Santa Maria
  • Hotel San Cristobal
  • Casa Azul
  • AirBnB
  • VRBO…  

Restaurant Recommendations

  • Pacifica Fish Market – super fish, shrimp tacos/big burros, plates, salads, sushi by order…awesome
  • La Bahia – good, authentic TS local seafood; tacos, ceviches, soups, seafood cocktails, cold beers
  • Santo Chilote – good, authentic local seafood; tacos, ceviches, seafood cocktails, cold beers, margaritas
  • Sinaloense Seafood – good authentic local seafood; ceviches, sushi, seafood cocktails, cold beers
  • La Morena
  • La Casita
  • Tres Galline
  • Derek’s Sushi
  • Hotel California
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Jazamango – outstanding chef-y style local food, Javier Plasencia –
  • Taller 17
  • Doce Cuarenta
  • Alma & Manny’s
  • La Esquina
  • Cafe Todos Santos
  • The Green Room

More info on OTE 3 Day Events and sign up for notifications is here.


Over The Edge Baja Bike Shop, Todos Santos, Mexico


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Hours: 8am to 4pm

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