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Feb / 17 / 2020

Santa Cruz Carbon Wheel Giveaway

Do you like sweet mountain bike trails? How about some of the sickest wheels on the market? We are going to assume that you like both of these things. The Rolling Into Spring Sweepstakes is your chance to win a Santa Cruz Reserve 30 carbon wheelset and help support the Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association (TAMBA). ALL proceeds will be donated to the TAMBA to help fund trail maintainence and trail building in Tahoe.  We have TWO wheelsets available. One in the 27.5-inch wheel size and one 29er.  All info and entry found here

Apr / 04 / 2019

Tahoe Bike Swap

1st Annual Over The Edge Bike Swap 10am-5pm April 27th and 28th 3665 Tamarack Ave in South Lake Tahoe. Sellers: The perfect opportunity to unload that bike that has been gathering dust in the garage. Buyers: Find screaming deals on used bicycles. Whether you are looking for a bike to ride to work, or a bike to slay singletrack, we should have you covered. We will be accepting every style of bike including kids bikes. Bikes must be in safe, rideable condition (tires holding air, functional brakes). If you need some service to increase the value of your “swap” bike, we have you covered. Also accepted: Cycling Apparel- In decent, usable, condition (no rips, tears, holes). Backpacks and Hip Packs Shoes. *Helmets and components will not be accepted. Sellers: Drop bikes off the week leading up to the swap during regular business hours, up to 9am the day of the […]

Mar / 21 / 2019

Win a Carbon Kona Process 153!

SingleTrack Sweepstakes! OTE Tahoe Singletrack Sweepstakes! Win this Carbon Kona Process 153 and help improve South Tahoe’s only neighborhood singletrack network! All proceeds from this fundraiser will benefit the neglected Hartoonian Trails. This large, legal, and rather unknown multi-use trail network stretches from the Corral Trail area to Bijou Bike Park. This killer network of trail allows user to ride across the South Tahoe community via forested single-track. To enter visit SINGLETRACK SWEEPSTAKES

Jul / 18 / 2016

One of the coolest mountain bike rides in Tahoe

One of the coolest mountain bike rides you can do in South Lake Tahoe is to head up to Freel Pass! This is the one of highest point on the Tahoe Rim Trail and offers some amazing views and amazing trail! Here is a couple of ways of getting there: Start at our shop and use our mountain bike shuttle service. For $10 we can shuttle you and your bike up to Stage Coach Lodge, from there you can head south on the Tahoe Rim Trail all the way to Freel Pass. You’ll start at 7,700′ and pedal a few miles, do a couple hike-a-bikes and land at Monument Pass at 8,000′. From there its smooth sailing to Star Lake. Take a dip, eat your snacks, and enjoy this serene alpine gem of a lake. Then about 3 more miles take you up another 700 feet to Freel Pass…thats it …….then…. […]

May / 24 / 2016

Tahoe Anniversary Party: Coffee, Shuttles, Rides, Beers 5/27

Come join us the Memorial Day weekend and celebrate our birthday! Starting Friday night the 27th we will have a BBQ and lots of beer and cocktails on hand. 9am Saturday the 28th we’ll kick off the day with coffee and a bagel breakfast then start running shuttles to some of the amazing local single track. Here is the schedule of shuttles: 10am- Shuttle up to top of Kingsbury Grade (Hwy 207). Pedal east up the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) for a ripping decent back down towards town. You will cross Kingsbury and climb up to the top of Van Sickle Trail and jam down another amazing trail and end 1 mile from the shop.  Approximate 3 hour ride time 12pm- Shuttle to Cold Creek trailhead and jump on said trail and climb up to High Meadow. Sit back and take in the view, get back on your bike and […]

Apr / 19 / 2016

Tahoe Trail Conditions

South Lake Tahoe Trail Report: Trails in South Tahoe are melting out rapidly!! Its mountain bike season! Corral Trail is open all the way up and down, no trees, no mud, just awesome. Armstrong Connector is also open and snow free. However the upper flat portion is not quite ready. Sidewinder is running like summer with only a tree or two in the way. Cold Creek Trail is open and clear all the way up to the lower rock slab (mid way point where trail is closest to road) Van Sickle is clear well over a third of the way up from the bottom Tahoe Mountain is also clear and dry. We are open and here to help you have greatness.. Lets Ride!!!

May / 05 / 2015

20 Years – Over the EDGE!

Fruita Colorado, 1995… not much was happening in Fruita 20 Years ago. A rag-tag bunch of Mountain Bike Trail builders had opened a bike shop in this quiet and recently bankrupt town with a vision for building amazing Singletrack and taking on the notoriety of Moab Utah just an hour plus next door. Restoring the 100 year old building at 202 E. Aspen Ave in Fruita in the mronings and digging what was to become world-legendary Singletrack in the desert surrounding town. Fruita was a work of passion and persistance in the face of a few challenges. As many still tease today; "I see what ya did, opened a bike shop in a town with no money, no customers and no trails… brilliant"… well, no one ever described us as "well thought out", "passion" and an indominable persistance are more the likely words used to describe the brith of Fruita […]

Jan / 17 / 2015

Shred the RED (Jersey) NOW in stock

Have you seen our new jersery!??  Of course you haven't,  they just arrived yesterday.  Opening the box, my stoke level went through the vortex!  These baby's are beautiful!  Before the jerseys arrived here in Sedona they were on the catwalk in Paris, London and beyond! Designer Shred the Red cycling wear is finally being noticed around the glode. I know you can't see it here,  but names of the best single track trails in existance are written on the sides of the jersey! Hint: if you want one,  We'll mail it to you 😉 Enjoy your weekend! and Shred the Red

Oct / 05 / 2014


Come Join Us! Saturday October 11, in Sedona and Sunday October 12 in Flagstaff! Awesome bikes for Demo, don't miss out on this great opportunity to try out some high end bikes! 

Aug / 27 / 2014

Demo Dealz

Check out some remaining deals on our 2014 Demo Bikes, we got the latest Yeti 575's, Trek Slash, Trek Remedy, and Trek Fuel 29. Click on over to the Sedona page or direct link to:  Happy Trails!