20 Years – Over the EDGE!

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Fruita Colorado, 1995… not much was happening in Fruita 20 Years ago. A rag-tag bunch of Mountain Bike Trail builders had opened a bike shop in this quiet and recently bankrupt town with a vision for building amazing Singletrack and taking on the notoriety of Moab Utah just an hour plus next door. Restoring the 100 year old building at 202 E. Aspen Ave in Fruita in the mronings and digging what was to become world-legendary Singletrack in the desert surrounding town. Fruita was a work of passion and persistance in the face of a few challenges. As many still tease today; "I see what ya did, opened a bike shop in a town with no money, no customers and no trails… brilliant"… well, no one ever described us as "well thought out", "passion" and an indominable persistance are more the likely words used to describe the brith of Fruita Colorado as a World Legend MTB Destination.

Fruita and Over the Edge are built in this passion and this desire to show YOU the coolest places and the coolest experiences in the world. We are excited to celevreate our 20 Years of Over the EDGE and invite you to come celebrate with us… come ride with us… come let us show you some "great new places"

Here's an idea for ya: join us at the Grand Opening of OTE Tahoe May 23rd, 2015 or join us in Melrose South Australia for our Melrose Fat Tyre Festival June 5-9 and certainly plan on being at our FRUITA 20 YEAR PARTY October 10th 2015 at the re-incarnated "Chet Peach Memorial Pig Roast" right here in Fruita

Thank You for riding with us and supporting our crazy ideas, we so appreciate the frienships and the soul of the MTB family. I'm Troy, founder of OTE, look me up if we are in the same place and again, Thank You for 20 Years of Awesome!

Come ride with me