New Years Ride (hangover)

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I love it when it all works out for an epic Party-Hard-Play-Hard adventure….. and most especially for New Years! Our adventure for this year was a “Hungover on Hangover” ride to kick off 2012, being the most epic ride in Sedona, its got the makings of being a tradition from here on out. With loads of fun, booze, and parties going on all over the place for NYE, its only natural to start off Jan 1 with a good size hangover. With the legendary Hangover Trail here in Sedona, it beckoned to be ridden completely hungover, and no better time to do that than on New Years. The Hangover trail is also one of our most challenging trails: with technical steeps, climbs, drops, traverses, pucker factor exposure, amazing views, and even fast singletrack…… it really has it all. Although its a dangerous trail in general, and probably even more dangerous while not being 100%, it certainly helps we've ridden this trail plenty of times prior 😉 We might not have ridden every section perfectly while hungover, but we made it unscathed and even rejuvenated. The Hangover trail ironically seemed to cure our hangovers, fittingly leaving us motivated and inspired to take on 2012…… We really couldn't ask for a better New Years.

We hope all you fellow riders out there had a fun and inspiring New Years celebration and ride…

Cheers and Happy Trails in 012