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Melrose Riding Adventures

by OTE Sedona

‘The hills don’t seem as steep or as daunting as they did on my first ride,’ I think to myself as I shift my ass to the nose of my saddle, swat flies from my face and keep my eyes on the crest of the hill.  The climbs here are longer than what I am used to.  The first day that I rode, I huffed and I puffed my way up the hills and even had to walk up part of one.  Two weeks later now and I find those same climbs to be fun for their terrain transitions from dirt up onto a rock ledge and different turns as they wind their way through the farm land. The narrow tracks here demand my attention at all times.  There have been many moments where my wheels have strayed from the dirt onto the long grasses that flank these tracks and […]

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Sedona Mountain Bike Festival

04 / Mar / 2016

The 2016 Sedona Mountain Bike Festival will be held this year on March 4th, 5th, and 6th!   A new location will greet enthusiasts from across the globe at Sedona’s stunning Posse Grounds Park in West Sedona! Check out the official website for more details: Sedona Mountain Bike Festival

2016 Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival

18 / Mar / 2016

2016 Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival Wake up. Drink Coffee. Eat Breakfast. Grab Demos. Meet up with new friends. Ride Bikes. Eat Dinner. Listen to Live Music. Drink Beer at the Expo. Find your way to bed. Sleep. Wake up. Repeat. Call home- tell ’em you’re staying a little longer- you just heard there are...

Fruita Fat Tire Festival

28 / Apr / 2016

More information is coming soon! Stay tuned and check www.fruitafattirefestival.com for details!