Winter? HA!

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Winter. Go to work in the cold and dark, come home in the cold and dark.  A lot of people see this as a time to stay indoors and ride a trainer, or rollers, or worse, see it as a time to hang up the bike until spring. The problem with those two ideas are: 1 – Riding a trainer is sort of like jumping up and down, "training" to jump rope for the day you actually have a rope; same motion, but just not the same, and 2 – "hanging up the bike" just isn't an option. 

Once you learn to ignore that seemingly reasonable voice inside that tells you to just stay indoors and make a hot drink and watch Netflix, once you learn to override the survival instinct to stay out of the wet and cold, once you actually get out there and start turning cranks, the pavement or dirt rolling away under you, your cyclist instinct kicks in, and you realize it's not bad at all, and in some ways, it's even more fun. There is also the Velominati Rule #9, which states – If you are out riding in bad weather, it means you are a badass. Period.

Winter doesn't mean you have to stay inside or suffer.  There is enough microfiber technology out there to keep you warm and comfy while you enjoy the crisp air and silent world, gliding through the universe on your bike. Not only do you get outside and excersise, and get to ride your bike, but that feeling of accomplishment when you get home is hightented in the winter, the warmth that greets you as you walk in the door is more appreciated, and the food and beer tastes even better.  
Winter isn't a time to stop riding, or fake it indoors.  Winter is a time to get out on the pavement or dirt and find the badass deep inside you, a time to get stronger while those with less intestinal fortitude get slower, weaker, larger.  Winter is a time to enjoy a whole new type of riding, even though you are riding the same stuff you do when the weather is pleasant.  We hope to see you out there riding.  If we see you, we will gladly wave, or stop and say hi, and share the comeraderie of those who aren't swayed by temperatures or light or moisture.  
Come ride with us.

….if you still aren't convinced, Sedona and Hurricane is pretty awesome this time of year