The best books on two wheels

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Winter is upon us, and no matter how much we want to be a BADASS, some days, when the wind is pushing like a schoolyard bully and the rain is horizontal, or when the temperature would make a penguin put on some wool and a puffy jacket, it's just not gonna happen.  So what can we do to slake our ride lust?  

We can live vicariously through others and read about what we want to do.  

Here are a few books about our lifestyle we have read and would highly recommend.  These books inspire, educate, and entertain.  If you can't be out riding, for whatever reason, these books are a suitable alternative.  

1 – A DOG IN A HAT by Joe Parkin.  A cool look at what it's like to be a young racer in Europe, what Joe had to go through and what he saw.  

2 – FRENCH REVOLUTIONS by Tim Moore.  Pretty damn hilarious account of riding the Tour de France route when you are not a professional rider.  

3 – MAJOR TAYLOR: THE FASTEST BICYCLE RIDER IN THE WORLD by Andrew Ritchie.  If you want to know the history of cycling, if you want to read about cyclings first superhero, this is the book.  It should be required reading for all cyclists.  

4- IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BIKE by Robert Penn.  Have you ever wanted to build your super ccustom bike piece by piece?  Robert Penn did just that, and it makes us want to as well.  

5 – TAKE A SEAT by Dominic Gill.  A guy rides a tandem from Alaska to South America, picking up people he meets along the way to cycle with him for a while.  Pretty interesting.  

6 – OFF THE MAP by Mark Jenkins.  If you can find this book, get it and read it.  Adventure, suffering, and fantastic travel writing.  Makes us want to pack up and ride across the states. 

7 – THE RULES by The Velominati.  The Rules. Do we quote them often?  Yes.  Do we follow them?  In our hearts yes, to the letter, no.  Still an excellent book that you should read.  


If you need a book to get you motivated, to keep the cycling fire in your heart burning, or to give to a cyclist friend for a birthday or holiday gift giving obligation, we highly reccommend these books here.  

Hope you are getting out and riding your bikes.  On the days you just can't, hope you are reading a good book about it. 

If you ever have any book sugestions, please let us know, we are always on the lookout for a good cycling book for the days we can't be out there on our bikes.  

If the weather isn't too brutal, and you can get away, Come ride with us.