Ridding with Roo’s

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Sorry I havent been in touch but the first 3 days in Melrose Australia have been a bit busy. From the town meeting last night where I did a little "5 year" speech at the Northstar hotel. To the riding and trail recon and the drinking Coopers Pale with the locals. Its been a whirl wind and a good one.

The trails here are much matured since I was even here just over a year ago. More established bench cuts and more burned in lines as the Aussies have started to discover Melrose and the traffic has been good for the tracks. Its winter here now and the trails are wandering slices of dirt through very green grassy meadows and around huge lush Gum trees. It’s beautiful and I’ll post a picture soon. THe reptiles are all hibernated away but the Kangaroos have been plentiful and I have seen more of them from the bike than ever before. Quentin and Dj are here from HUrricane OTE and they have had a great introduction to riding down under; Roo’s and Koala’s and tons of great birds and a regular serenade from the great Kookaburra birds wonderful song. It’s made for some great days on the bike.

We are mid day Thursday here and set up for the Festival has began; tents set up and straw bails for seating and finishing up this and that. By tomorrow it will be go time and the masses will start to descend on Melrose in force. More riding and more good times with more great cycling folks… its gonna be a good one.

more to come, Cheers from SA