OTE 3Day Origins

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OT3 Beginnings

The OTE 3day is a 3 day adventure with friends and bikes in great locations. The idea of the Over The Edge OT3 has been evolving for a while. It comes from the basic premise that really all we want to do is share the love of adventures in awesome locations with our people. We’ve been doing that for a while now, and what we’ve found is that while we love going to bike festivals and seeing our friends, the best times are had before and after the busy part of the festival.

This year at the end of the Fruita Fat Tire Festival we decided to host the first ever unofficial OTE 3 Day, a totally unsanctioned 3 days of just having fun with some friends. Call it an experiment. We planned to spend those days riding bikes, eating amazing food, climbing desert towers, and essentially just having adventures and getting to know each other a little better. And at the end of it all we’d discuss it and decide how to move forwards…

Day 1

It started with the Fruita Fat Tire Festival party at Troy’s house, a beautiful afternoon and evening spent honoring our industry friends and family, many of whom had worked the Festival while everyone else was out having fun. Catered by our awesome friends Jordan and Kendra at Savory Events the food was amazing and the party went late into the evening. The next morning got off to a slow start with lots of coffee and an amazing breakfast made by our friend Bill Bergeron from Virgin Utah. The morning was spent relaxing and BB gun target shooting before we headed out for lunch and an afternoon ride at Kokopelli.

Day 2 – Climbing Independence Monument, part of the Colorado National Monument near Grand Junction Colorado

Day 2

Day 2’s adventure involved climbing Independence Monument, which while not technically difficult was a fun challenge for those that had never climbed before. A great team building exercise on a beautiful day in the desert, with amazing views from the tower.

Day 3

The next days adventure was planned to be an epic backcountry ride, however with the weather looking like rain those plans were scrapped in favor of a trip to Glenwood Springs to soak our sore bodies in soothing hot water. Not the ride we had planned, but still an awesome time.

Looking back on the 3 Days of adventures we decided that the idea really was worth continuing, and we started talking to our stores about the OT3 Concept, and planning where the next one would be held. First on the list was South Lake Tahoe.

The OTE 3day is a 3 day adventure with friends and bikes in great locations, you can learn more about upcoming OTE 3 Day events here.