Coffee & Beer Bar

Two wonderful things under one roof: Coffee and Bikes.

Over The Edge Tahoe is a proud partner of Ritual Coffee Roasters of San Francisco, CA to offer the finest craft coffee in South Lake Tahoe. Both Over The Edge and Ritual Coffee seek the same goal: to serve every individual who walks through our doors with the best experience possible.

How do we both do this? Beans, equipment, process, and passion.

Both Ritual Coffee and Over The Edge demand the best products and processes to provide the best experience and delivered goods. Ritual Coffee personally selects coffee beans directly from the growers themselves. These beans are roasted in small batches to perfection and delivered fresh to us in South Lake Tahoe.

Here at the bike shop we serve coffee in several different ways. We offer espresso drinks from our Synesso Hydra machine. Handbuilt in Seattle, Synesso is the benchmark in espresso machines. We also offer small batch brewed coffee and locally sourced baked goods to complement your beverage.

Over The Edge has shifted from a Community Bike Shop to a Community Bike, Coffee, and Beer House. Located on a corner of Ski Run Blvd, we’re easily accessible to several neighborhoods, visiting tourists, and locals. We offer indoor seating in our front bay windows as well as ample outside seating in our garden area. Our street-front vegetable and flower garden creates as soft semi private garden space to enjoy a community vibe. Broken shade, sunny spots, or full shade- our side yard has it all in a peaceful setting.

After enjoying a great espresso in our café, why not try out a high end demo bike or take a shuttle to enjoy one of the amazing Tahoe trails just minutes away? Then have a beer!!!

Beer!!! We have a vast offering of cold beers (local and from afar) and other drinks for post ride! Also, CHIPS/SALSA and Foosball!