Sedona Trail Conditions & Weather

Trail Conditions

Spring is here. Warm temps, Sunshine and tacky dirt! Get out there and shred. Please use caution at creek crossings. Dry creek is still flowing pretty good. However, it is crossable. Oak creek is still too high to cross.

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Trail Status as of 03/17/2019

Creek Crossings Caution
With all this Snow/Rain high water levels are expected for the next few weeks!! Oak creek at red rock crossing is still too high.
| Bike Park Open
Only ride when dry.
| Bell Rock Path Open
| Big Park Loop Open
| Long Canyon Open
| Aerie Open
| Andante Open
| Adobe Jack Open
| Chuck Wagon Caution
Dry Creek is not so dry, other than that the trail is in great shape.
| Cockscomb Open
| Crusty Open
| Easy Breezy Open
| Girdner Caution
New re-routes! The Dry Creek is not so dry.
| Grand Central Open
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| Herkenham Open
| Javalina Open
| Jordan Open
| Llama Open
| Mescal Open
Slick-rock with great views!
| Old Post Open
| Ramshead Open
| Scorpion Open
| Secret Slickrock Open
| Skywalker Open
| Templeton Caution
Section down to the creek is still Closed! (hiline loop)! Turn off at Easy Breezy... Also, sections of this trail that parallel the creek have lots of damage due to flooding. Use caution.
| Brewer Open
| Broken Arrow Open
Ride to Chicken Point! Best views in town!
| Canyon of Fool Open
| Carroll Canyon Open
| Little Horse Open
| Sketch Open
Ride south to north!
| Thunder Mtn Open
| Pigtail Open
a couple of drops and jumps!
| Ridge Open
| Slim Shady Open
| Soldiers Pass Open
| Teacup Open
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| Hiline Open
| Hogs Open
| Hangover Open
Use extreme caution! This trail is gnarly
| Pyramid Open