Sedona Trail Conditions & Weather

Trail Conditions

Great Conditions out there!!! The dirt is prime, the slick rock is dry. Some of the washes still have a little water flowing. Creek crossings are difficult in some places. See you out there!

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Trail Status as of 01/20/2019

Creek Crossings Closed
Very Slippery. Very high water!!
| Bike Park! Open
Only ride when dry.
| Bell Rock Path Open
| Big Park Loop Open
| Long Canyon Open
| Adobe Jack Open
| Chuck Wagon Open
| Cockscomb Open
| Easy Breezy Open
| Girdner Open
New re-routes!
| Grand Central Open
Shop Favorite!
| Javalina Open
| Jordan Open
| Llama Open
| Mescal Open
Slick-rock with great views!
| Old Post Open
| Scorpion Open
| Templeton Open
Section down to the creek is double black! Turn off at Easy Breezy
| Broken Arrow Open
Ride to Chicken Point! Best views in town!
| Canyon of Fool Open
| Carroll Canyon Open
| Sketch Open
Ride south to north!
| Thunder Mtn Open
| Pigtail Open
a couple of drops and jumps!
| Ridge Open
| Slim Shady Open
| Teacup Open
Shop Favorite!
| Hiline Open
| Hogs Caution
Snow and Ice on the north side. Use extreme caution!
| Hangover Caution
Snow and Ice on the north side. Use extreme caution!
| Pyramid Open