'Rad' Ross

'Rad' Ross


“I’m a desert rat who loves red rocks and technical riding.”

This is a typical understatement from our store owner Ross Schnell. Ross has been riding and racing bikes his whole life. He was the CO state BMX champion in 1991, as well as a long-time sponsered pro athlete with Trek. He won the 2008 All-Mtn World Championship and the 2009 World Single Speed Championships. Ross is freakishly fast on a bike, up or down. He’s also one of the nicest, most humble pro athletes you’ll ever meet. Ross’ role here at OTE is to promote our store by doing what we all love to do- ride bikes!

Also, if you enjoy racing Enduro then you owe Ross a beer for the years of behind the scenes work that it took to bring this discipline to the United States.

Ross’ Website

Favorite Ride: The Ribbon to Free Lunch to Holy Cross at Lunch Loops.

The Bike I Ride: Trek Slash.

Post-Ride Refresher: Cold, delicious beer.

Best Nickname: ‘Rad Ross,’ from the 80’s BMX days.

Favorite Food: Nutella, or pizza from the Hot Tomato!

Favorite Quote: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t. you’re right.” -Henry Ford

If I weren’t here, I’d be… Somewhere else!

What takes you over the edge? People who think they know it all. Problem is, my wife says that about me all the time!

What’s your trick, skill, or thing that gives you an EDGE? In life, I’m not afraid to fail, obviously, because it happens all the time.

Actual skills/tricks: I use a lot of ‘bike separation’ and proper body position to corner fast. It works well when I do it right- still working on it though.



General Manager

George has been part of the OTE family since the beginning. He worked at OTE in high school and was part of the original crew of renegades building trail at 18 Road. George raced as a semi-pro XC racer from 1997 to 2002 and was ranked 5th nationally. After his racing career, George completed a business degree with the hope of melding his love of cycling with successful business practices. In August of 2010, the opportunity to manage Over the Edge Fruita presented itself. George partnered with his long-time racing buddy, Ross Schnell, and the rest is history. George is proud that Over The Edge and Fruita are one of the most desired biking destination in the world.

Recent Favorite Ride: Mack Ridge to Troybuilt.

The Bike I Bide: Rocky Mountain Altitude carbon with ENVE wheels!

Post-Ride Refresher: 90 Shilling.

Best Nickname: Jorge (given to me by everyone I have ever met).

Favorite Food: Bagel Sandwich from Aspen Street Coffee.

Favorite Quote: “Find the hole in the fence and sprint through it like a delirious zoo animal.” -Schwinn mountain bicycles advertising poster, circa 1996-97.

If I weren’t here, I’d be… Here 🙂

What takes you over the edge? Swamp coolers. They suck.

What’s your trick, skill, or thing that gives you an EDGE? I am very patient, sometimes too patient.



General Manager

Landon is a 19-year bike industry veteran who left small-town Missouri to chase his MTB dreams. In his words, “in 2010, the opportunity to manage the coolest shop on the planet came along, and I’ve never been happier.” When Landon is not in the shop, he can be found exploring new and uncharted trails all over Western Colorado and Utah. In 2009, just a few years after recovering from a severe back injury, he completed the Centurion- 104 grueling miles of Moab’s toughest terrain in one day! Landon has slowed down as a rider, but he’s also become better at being patient enough to help his four-year-old daughter shred harder then most adults!

Recent Favorite Ride: The Sarlacc Trail.

The Bike You Ride: Rocky Mountain Pipeline ‘Plus’ bike.

Post-Ride Refresher: Hammer Recoverite mixed with milk.

Best Nickname: ‘Commandon Landon,’ (thanks, Nate!)

Favorite Food: A buffalo burger from Milt’s in Moab, or a slice of pizza from the Hot Tomato in Fruita.

Favorite Quote: “My goal in life isn’t to meet my end in a well-preserved body, but to skid into the grave broadside, completely worn out, used, up, and loudly proclaiming- WOW, WHAT A RIDE!” -Edward Abbey

If I weren’t here, I’d be… Shredding sweet trails with my hot-rod wife Mary and our daughter’s Juniper and Kapira.

What takes you over the edge? People who don’t listen to Mary because she is a girl and when the Groms are whiny teenagers.

What’s your trick, skill, or the thing that gives you an EDGE? ‘Skipping-‘ a counter-steering technique I learned from a homeless man who lives in a van. Skip taught me that I am never so good that I can’t learn something new.



Assistant Manager

Mike left his home state of California and moved to the Colorado desert for one of the oldest reasons known to man…a woman! Luckily for us, Mike is one of the top bicycle sales-guys in the country and needed a job. If you happen to be in the northern Yukon Territory in winter and run into Mike, don’t be surprised if he sells you an ice cream cone. The cool part is that he would sell you an ice cream cone perfectly suited for your needs, properly fit, and with the greatest flavor you’d ever tasted. He’s that good when it comes to bikes!

Recent Favorite Ride: Free Lunch to Holy Cross at Lunch Loops.

The Bike You Ride: Pivot Mach 6 Carbon.

Post-Ride Refresher: Chocolate milk.

Best Nickname: ‘Elf on a Shelf,’ or ‘Baby Dragon.’

Favorite Food: I can’t pick a favorite… just about anything!

Favorite Quote: “Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.” -Gordon B. Hinckley

If I weren’t here, I’d be… Shredding trails and camping with my family.

What take you over the edge? A dirty bike.

What your trick, skill, or thing that gives you an EDGE? I can wear clothes that are highlighter yellow  and still look good doing it.

Dan G.

Dan G.


Dan grew up in the Grand Valley, but came to us recently from Telluride, CO where he ran shops and service centers for many years. Dan was a pro-level downhiller for a decade on the Mountain States Cup series and was the mechanic for many of his fellow racers. As he wanted to move to an environment with more warm weather riding and a lower cost of living, Dan succumbed to the ‘Curse of the Valley’ and came home.

Recent Favorite Ride: East Fork- Colorado Trail over Blackhawk Mountain- Salt Creek…forty-plus miles of epic San Juan Singletrack!

The Bike You Ride: Specialized SX Trail. #26forlife #oruntilicanaffordanewbike

Post-Ride Refresher: PBR/ Modelo/ Skinny Marg.

Best Nickname: ‘Gossamer,’ or ‘Preaching the Goss-pel.’

Favorite Food: Mexican!

Favorite Quote: “The world is your classroom, pay attention in class!”

If I weren’t here, I’d be… Building trail or backcountry skiing.

What takes you over the edge?

Good: All-day rides culminating at a campfire with good friends.

Bad: 4-wheelers ruining singletrack!

What’s your trick, skill, or thing that gives you an EDGE? I love helping people enjoy their bicycles!




Greg, or G-Regular as we like to call him, has a penchant for long rides and has toured, mostly on dirt and obscure tracks, throughout western North American and in Hawaii, New Zealand, Chile, and Mongolia. (He once tried riding to the moon but suffers from ga-lactic acid build-up). When not riding, he’s often taking photos of riding and has been published in Mountain Flyer and Dirt Rag magazines and maintains one of the best blogs on the web. Despite years of experience in bike shops, he still cannot ride a wheelie.

Recent Favorite Ride: I have to pick favorites?

The Bike You Ride: Trek Fuel EX with a 29 Plus front tire, and a Trek Stache with TWO big tires.

Post-Ride Refresher: Another ride.

Best Nickname: Greg. Also G-Regular.

Favorite Food: I have to pick favorites?

Favorite Quote: “The only thing we have to take serious is seriousness itself.” -G. Luck

If I weren’t here I’d be… I have to pick?

What take you over the edge? Gravity. Gravity and ‘oops!’

What’s your trick, skill, or the thing that gives you an  EDGE? I take Mary seriously even though she’s just a girl…who’s worked in bike shops longer than I have!

Dan H.

Dan H.


Dan is a shining example of the high quality of folks who ‘get’ to work for OTE.  Dan has the work ethic a boss dreams of- always positive, ready to hustle, and he also has a high degree of mechanical aptitude.  But don’t expect Dan to sugar coat anything. If your bike is broken, hand it to him and step away. He’ll have it fixed in 15 minutes and at the smallest possible expense. He’s a mechanic’s mechanic…helping talented techs figure out technical problems.  He’s just like James, only more direct.

Recent Favorite Ride: Valhala Jump at Snowmass Village.

The Bike You Ride: Trek ‘Jet’ Fuel.

Post Ride Refresher: “I never inhale.”

Best Nickname: ‘Danimal.’

Favorite Food: Anything from sweets to steaks. I like to eat and I NEVER get fat.

If I weren’t here, I’d be… Caressing Mother Nature with a fresh set of knobby tires.

What takes you over the edge? My bike, of course. Silly question.

What’s your trick, skill, or the thing that gives you an EDGE? Dan has the ability to turn off the part of the brain that experiences fear.




Zach is a man of few words. In fact, we call Zach the ‘Bike Whisperer,’ because he likes to take apart small things that contain tremendous pressure and springs, air and oil, then successfully put them back together! Rear shocks, seat posts, creaky bikes- all the really hard, seemingly unsolvable problems get handed to Zach. When you’ve been to three shops, scoured the internet trying to find a solution to your bike’s problem, and it still persists, you’ve really only got one option left. You need the ‘Bike Whisperer!’

Recent Favorite Ride: Palisade Rim.

The Bike You Ride: Trek Remedy 8, Trek Ticket, Trek District. I like Trek a lot.  #alloyforlife

Post-Ride Refresher: A shower.

Best Nickname: ‘Zachagawea,’ (because he’s always leading the way).

Favorite Food: Fruits.

Favorite Quote: “Ain’t no tread on them tires much.” – Darrell Grubb.

If I weren’t here, I’d be... Trying to get here.

What takes you over the edge? A poorly maintained or creaky bike on the trail.

What’s your trick, skill, or the thing that gives you an EDGE? Whatever it is that I’m doing, I’m always trying to get better at it.




“Welcome to Over the Edge Fruita, you’ve got Jay,” says the voice through the phone. It’s a good thing when ‘you’ve got Jay,’ because he helps make mountain bike dreams come true. Like many staff members, Jay came to us seeking employment so he could live his dream of riding dirt and snow as much of the year as possible. The benefit for the customer is when ‘you’ve got Jay’ for your rental reservation, much-needed trail recommendations, or new product advice, he will point your wheels in the right direction! Jay is also coming into his own as a bike technician, so don’t count out his bike fixin’ skills.

Recent Favorite Ride: Mack Ridge to Troy Built.

The Bike You Ride: Knolly Warden Alloy.

Post-Ride Refresher: BEER.

Best Nickname: ‘Jay Burd.’

Favorite Food: Anything spicy and carnivorous.

Favorite Quote: “F is for freedom and the chance to spread our wings. We love to explore on our bicycles and the self confidence that it brings.” -‘B is for Bicycle.’ (kids book)

If I weren’t here, I’d be… A snow bum.

What take you over the edge? Egotism.

What’s your trick, skill, or the thing that gives you an EDGE? My long, voluptuous hair. Like Samson, it protects me when I pick terrible lines!




Before Joe came to us, we’d never received a resume from someone who worked for our friendly competitor, Moab’s Poison Spider Bikes, much less anyone who wanted to leave their shop! But Joe and his wife wanted to live closer to civilization so she could chase her dreams of being an Equestrian trainer and Riding Instructor. With that turn of events, we were able to snag Joe! He has fit in perfectly and came with all the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in a shop that offers same-hour service and ‘best shop in the universe’ customer service. Got trail questions? Is your Reverb seat post blown up? Is your rear shifty thingy clicking? No problem. Joe will get you taken care of!

Recent Favorite Ride: Anything new!

The Bike You Ride: Trek Remedy 27.5, fattest tires possible.

Post-Ride Refresher: Hard cider.

Best Nickname: ‘Broseph.”

Favorite Food: Thai or Mexican, anything spicy.

Favorite Quote: “Your vacation, my life,” -every bike shop employee ever.

If I weren’t here, I’d be… Exploring somewhere new.

What takes you over the edge? People who think they know it all; no one has learned everything there is to know, except Mary…and she’s ‘just a girl.’

What’s your trick, skill, or the thing that gives you an EDGE? I dunno, I guess I just keep pedaling




Where, oh where, could we find a highly talented, female sales member who knows our trail systems, lots about bikes, and has retail experience? It turns we had that person very near to us…LeAndra is married to Zach, our ‘Bike Whisperer’ technician. LeAndra brings a great perspective to our shop full of dudes, and she proves that there is no such thing as being ‘just a girl!’ When LeAndra was tired of managing a big corporate store in the mall and wanted to go ‘Over The Edge,’ we hired her. She is a bad ass on a bike, and her bike knowledge is just as lethal as her husband’s mechanical skills!

Recent Favorite Ride: Pet-E-Kes to High Noon to Ali-Alley to Curt’s Lane at Lunch Loops.

The Bike You Ride: 27.5+ Pivot Switchblade.

Post-Ride Refresher: Chillax Pineapple Gold Ale.

Best Nickname: LeAndra.

Favorite Food: Buffalo Cauliflower.

Favorite Quote: “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.” -Hunter S. Thompson

If I weren’t here, I’d be… Climbing rocks.

What takes you over the edge? When people ride muddy trails.

What’s your trick, skill, or the thing that gives you an EDGE? I’m pretty good at falling.



Part Time Sales

“The dinosaur in the picture to the left (the one riding the bike) is a velociraptor, meaning ‘swift seizer,’ in Latin. It lived approximately 75 to 71 million years ago during the later part of the Cretaceous Period. It normally hunted in packs, but when it hunted alone it used a bike to gain greater speed,” says Olivia Ruiz, our  sales staff member, “It could quickly out-run this little girl riding this tiny green bike.” Just like all OTE employees, Olivia has bike shop experience (her uncle owns a bike shop), but the coolest thing about Oliva is she has DINOSAUR experience! How cool is it that the Over The Edge logo is a Dino, and our Olivia assembles dinosaur skeletons for displays in museums as her ‘real’ job. If you need Fruita trail advice, help with your bike, or simply want to talk about the difference in tail angle on T-Rex interpretations from the 80’s compared to interpretations from 2004 and up, Olivia is your girl.

Recent Favorite Ride: My house to work, 1.3 miles…in a row! “You have no idea how hard I ride!”

The Bike You Ride: Jamis Aurora touring bike, and every woman’s demo mountain bike that isn’t reserved.

Post-Ride Refresher: Stretching, hoola hoop, then beer!

Best Nickname: Zero, or Denver.

Favorite Food: Green chili and tamales.

Favorite Quote: “Rub some dirt in it.” -Mom

If I weren’t here, I’d be… playing with prehistoric, dead animals or trying to find a shortcut to work through your backyard.

What takes you over the edge? When people treat me like ‘just a girl,’ like they treat Mary.

What’s your trick, skill, or the thing that gives you an EDGE? I’m good at delegating- if I don’t know what’s I’m talking about I’ll delegate to someone who does know to answer you.




Jeremy is the guy you see riding up the CO National Monument wearing jeans on a 70’s Schwinn road bike…while passing roadies on $8000 carbon wonder bikes. He also loves to get bikes really, really clean! It’s his obsession, so we hired him to clean bikes. And he also creates shop stoke! High-fives and hugs happen every day and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Recent Favorite Ride: “Percolator” (Hawkeye Trail at Mack, ridden from town, is his morning coffee!)

The Bike You Ride: Schwinn “chunk of lead” road bike, Trek Fuel EX, and Knolly Warden alloy.

Post-Ride Refresher: Jeremy never needs refreshing, he’s an Energizer Bunny.

Best Nickname: ‘The Pease Knees.’

Favorite Food: Italian.

Favorite Quote: “Work hard, dream big.”

If I weren’t here, I’d be… on an adventure.

What takes you over the edge? Landon being a bitch to the high school Groms.

What’s your trick, skill, or the thing that gives you an  EDGE? I never have to rest.




Remember when you were 16 and started your first real job? Maybe you felt a bit awkward and unsure of what to do? That’s where Colton currently sits as our newest Grom, but we have a good feeling about this kid. He’s smart, a quick learner, and likes to take his dirt bike transmission apart! That’s the kind of kid we can work with. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Colton quickly move up from cleaning the bathroom and washing bikes.

Recent Favorite Ride: Mojo’s at 18 Road.

The Bike You Ride: GT Pro.

Post-Ride Refresher: Relaxing at home.

Best Nickname: Don’t have one.

Favorite Food: Steak.

Favorite Quote: “Don’t take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.”

If I weren’t here, I’d be… Out on a trail.

What takes you over the edge? Trying everything I can and being the best I can be.

What’s your trick, skill, or the thing that gives you an EDGE? I like to jump as high as I can and go as fast as possible on trails.




Mary grew up in Moab, UT and has worked in the bike industry since she was 14 years old. She was a “free rider” before any of us knew what that meant and long after everyone forgot what it meant. She’s one of the most accomplished female riders anywhere and has a habit of singing Disney songs while kicking butt at the front of a group of fast guys. A friend once said, “Mary will destroy you on a six hour bike ride, then bake you cookies when you get home.” That’s our girl!

Recent Favorite Ride: Lunch Loops! Yeeehaa!

The Bike You Ride: Trek Fuel 9.8 WSD.

Post-Ride Refresher:  Sea Salt Caramel Gelato.

Best Nickname: ‘The Velvet Hammer.’

Favorite Food: Strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Favorite Quote: “Happiness is not a destination…it is a way of life.”

If I weren’t here, I’d be… with my hubby and my little girls Juniper and Kapira riding into the sunset.

What takes you over the edge? People who won’t listen to me because I’m ‘just a girl.’

What’s your trick, skill, or the thing that gives you an EDGE? “Singing my way down the trail, it makes me go faster!”