Fruita Trail Conditions & Weather

Trail Conditions

South facing bench trails at Kokopelli (Mary’s, Rustler’s, Horsethief, Steve’s, and Lions) is the Promise Land for riding in the valley right now.

Rabbit Valley is fantastic.

18 RD and Lunch Loops are highly suspect for sloppy mud conditions.



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Trail Status as of 12/10/2018

Bookcliffs/18Rd/North Desert Closed
Melting snow, avoid unless you are riding below freezing.
Kokopelli/Loma/Mack Caution
Snow melting. Below freezing is quite good, but above freezing could be sloppy. Rustlers, Mary's and HT Bench are probably all anyone should expect to ride.
Rabbit Valley Open
Lunch Loops Closed
Snowy and melting! Highly suspect of mud.
Palisade Rim Closed
Snowy! Highly suspect of mud.