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Rocky Mountain Slayer 770 Carbon--27.5"

Size Large– $3400  

That’s right folks, one of the most iconic long travel mountain bikes of all time has returned. Even if you didn’t know anything about this bike, it would probably be pretty easy to get the gist of what this bike likes to do. Do you really need us to explain or regurgitate the marketing hype? Say it with me now, in a deep growly voice…. SLAYER! A little lower, slower, and louder now….S L A Y E R ! ! ! Now you are getting it. Make a reservation, don’t ask any questions, just enjoy your day. We’ll send a restoration team in later to fix all the trails you’ve blown up….

Note: Not all bike pictures match actual parts packages or colors.

Slayer Video

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Rocky Mountain Pipeline C70 Carbon--27.5" Plus

Sale Price Med: $3799

Sale Price Large: $3599

I’m going to write a very personal, brief review of this bike. Being the General Manager of this store, Rocky flew me to BC this last summer to ride the new Slayer. I was late to get to the bike demo and got on the Rocky Mountain Pipeline as my second choice. I intended to ride the Slayer that afternoon…BUT! I freaking loved the Pipeline so much they couldn’t get me off of it. I was riding the most challenging trails on the planet on an unfamiliar bike, that was simply set up with a quick sag check. Seriously? If you get to know me you will know I do NOT operate this way. I joke I like to demo bike FRAMES instead of bikes, so I can get a feel for just the frame characteristics. I have never in my life immediately felt so comfortable on a bike. I’ve heard people talk about this experience, but I’d never had it happen, until then. I never did end up riding the Slayer on that trip….but I did buy a Pipeline as my personal bike this year. Try one for yourself and see if this is your perfect bike!

Note: Not all bike pictures match actual parts packages or colors.

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Pipeline Video (Best Ever)

Evil The Wreckoning

Size’s  Available: Large

Sale Price: $3800

Custom build, Evil Wreckoning.  We built these bikes the way we would build our own.  This bike has an MRP Fork with Rock Shox rear air shock.  GX Eagle 12 Spd, Guide RSC brakes, Stans Flow wheels, Reverb dropper posts.  Also has a sweet Deity cockpit, stem, bars and saddle.  $6400 build at retail!

Ibis Ripley LS Version 3--29er

Size Available: Med

Sale Price: $3600

Ibis Ripley LS,  These bikes are the $4899 Sram GX Eagle 12 spd build kit, with Fox Factory Kashima suspension.  Wheels and tires are tubeless.  All sizes are the Vitamin P color.  If you are tired of your bikes getting constantly lower longer and slacker, then buy this one before your bike drags the ground and beeps when it backs up!

Trek Slash 9.7 carbon--29er

Size’s  Available: Med, Lrg

Sale Price: $2800

Slash is a long-travel 29er trail bike that’s built for racing the clock or chasing your friends. 150mm of rear suspension travel, enduro-ready parts, and fast-rolling 29er wheels make Slash the perfect mountain bike for riders who wants to go big and crush techy sections with blistering speed.

Santa Cruz Hightower LT--29er

Size’s  Available:  Med, 

Sale Price for used demo bike– $3500

Sale Price for NEW! unused bike– $3800 

Stretching its legs to a full 150mm of VPP travel, the Hightower LT was born to the meet demands of EWS racing and designed for maximum speed in big terrain.  Matched with a 150mm fork, the 29in-wheeled LT is travelled-up and pared-down for pure performance.  While this isn’t the “latest model” it’s still more rad than most bikes!


2019 Juliana Joplin, Carbon C, S-Kit--27.5+ NEW!

Size’s  Available:  Small

Sale Price: Retail of $4800, NOW $3999


Part endurance racer, part rowdy trail bike—the Joplin is ridiculously fun. As in the uncontrollable-giggling-spontaneous-high-fiving kind of fun. This latest version breaks the mold all over again. They increased composure on descents, gave it more small-bump suppleness, improved handling, and to top it all off it’s got the huge traction of plus size tires. Go ahead, try that scary obstacle you always walk. This bike may just do all the work for you.


Pivot Firebird--29er

Sale Price Med: $3799

You can obsess over this bike’s geometry, or you can just ride it! Nothing about this big wheel trail bike makes sense.  With this much travel most bikes like this do NOT climb that well.  The Firebird 29, however, is a very different—and awesome—kind of beast. With its long front-center and short chainstay combination, the Firebird 29 possesses that nimble, snappy feel that tempts you to make bold line choices yet allows you to enjoy a ride even on our most tame trails.  This bike will make a believer out of you folks who think long travel bikes are “just for down hill.”

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Firebird Video

Rocky Mountain Instinct C70--29er

Size Available: Med

Demo Deal Price: $3600

If you follow Rocky Mountain bikes, you’ve seen the Instinct/Pipeline bike launch video that was shot here in Fruita. It was a big hit and we had a lot of fun helping put that event on. Interestingly, this was the first chance most of the Rocky Mountain team riders and even some employees had been given to ride the new bikes. The response was overwhelmingly positive. It’s like the bike was made specifically for Fruita! It isn’t too slack, too long, or too low. It’s light weight, it pedals well, it can get “rad” or take you on an all-day, backcountry adventure. It’s like the bike Goldilocks would ride…it’s just right!

Note: Not all bike pictures match actual parts packages or colors.

Full Specs

Instinct Video (Shot in Fruita!!!)