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2019--Rocky Mountain Instinct Alloy 70, Powerplay--29er--Pedal Assist eBike

Sale Price:  Medium, $5500 (includes CushCore tire inserts)

Sale Price: XL, $5700 (includes CushCore tire inserts) 

If you haven’t ridden a pedal assist electric bike then you owe it to your-self to try one.  We waited 4 years to do this despite a lot of pressure from many different brands.  We waited because the bikes weren’t quite right yet.  Now they are!   I’ll quote “The Godfather” of mountain biking, Wade Simmons regarding people’s hesitance to try them…”You know that book you’ve read over and over?  Your favorite one? It’s a great book, you love it, and there is no reason why that should change.  That book you’ve been reading for the last 40 years is mountain biking.  E-Bikes are a whole new book, you should read it too, it’s a great book as well!”

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Note: Not all bike pictures match actual parts packages or colors.

Powerplay Instinct BC Edition Full Specs

2020--Rocky Mountain Powerplay Pedal Assist eBikes

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29″ Wheel

Instinct Powerplay BC Edition A50/ Size: Large/ Color: Yellow

Instinct Powerplay BC Edition A50/ Size: X-Large/ Color: Yellow


27.5″ Wheel

Altitude Powerplay A50/ Size: XL / Color: Teal and Orange

Altitude Powerplay A30/ Size: XL / Color: Blue and Black

Growlwer Powerplay A30/ Size XL / Color: Red and Black

BMC Trailfox AMP

27.5″+  Wheels

BMC Trailfox AMP SX2/ Size: Medium

Juliana Furtado - 27.5"

Size XS, $4899, NEW!  (we actually have one!)

The women’s specific Furtado is incredibly versatile. With 27.5 in. wheels, and updated geometry and suspension this trail bike really is the Queen of the Mountain. Tackling the most technical climb with ease and then ripping the descent with style will be unavoidable on the new Furtado. With 27.5 in wheels, 130mm of travel, and a 67 degree head tube angle, this bike is incredibly well rounded. Plus, for any smaller ladies, the advanced suspension design has been refined to create even lower standover heights than the previous model- giving you extra confidence in the rough stuff.

Note: Not all bike pictures match actual parts packages or colors.

Full Specs