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Feb / 15 / 2017

Your Ticket to Ride! Mountain Bike Festivals

Looking for something to do in the coming months?   How about joining us at one of our upcoming Mountain Bike Festivals!  Calendar and links below!  See you there!   March 3rd – 5th:  Sedona Mountain Bike Festival The Sedona MTB Festival is 3-day mountain bike celebration that will include a Main Expo/Festival, Bike Demos, Shuttled Rides, a Beer Garden, great Bands for and a whole lotta sweet RED SINGLETRACK! March 24th – 26th: Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival What goes on at the Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival… Wake up. Drink Coffee. Eat Breakfast. Grab Demos. Meet up with new friends. Ride Bikes. Grab a shuttle! Dinner, Live Music, and Beer at the Expo. Find your way to bed. Call home. Sleep. Wake up. Repeat. Call home- tell ’em you’re staying a little longer- you just heard there are four more Over the Edge locations and you gotta ride ’em all! April 27th – 30th:  Fruita Fat Tire Festival Join us on […]

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Jul / 09 / 2015

Come visit our bathroom

It’s April and the season is in full swing.  People are waiting outside the door in the mornings with so much pent up stoke about riding Fruita single track, that they are just bursting with energy.  They’re full of coffee or fresh off of a long drive. Many are doing the “I gotta pee” dance right at the sales regsister.  But a quick look back towards the yellow sticker covered bathroom door and it becomes clear that the dance isn’t going to end soon. A line has formed…. Our bathroom services are top notch.  Plenty of reading material, on the walls and on the bench. We have world class mountain bike photography displayed and every Fruita magazine cover shot we’ve ever had.  There’s signed posters from the worlds most awe inspiring bike riders too.  It’s so hard to get into our bathroom in the spring time that we’ve considered taking down all this cool […]

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Mar / 20 / 2015


“A coil spring, also known as a helical spring, is a mechanical device, which is typically used to store energy due to resilience and subsequently release it, to absorb shock, or to maintain a force between contacting surfaces. They are made of an elastic material formed into the shape of a helixwhich returns to its natural length when unloaded. In most shock absorbers, energy is converted to heat inside the viscous fluid. In hydraulic cylinders, the hydraulic fluid heats up, while in air cylinders, the hot air is usually exhausted to the atmosphere.”   (Thanks Wikipedia!)   I was looking up some information on different shock springs the other day.  Most of us ride with “shocks” on our bikes these days.  For some reason the technical side of our sport struck a chord with me, in that it mirrored what is happening here in Fruita right now!  It’s SPRING!  The weather is amazing, the sun is warm, the […]

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Feb / 25 / 2015

Come to the darkside

It’s that time of year again. (I’d like to make a joke about the Broncos not winning the Superbowl, but that would be phony of me, as I don’t follow baseball at all.) I’m talking about night riding season. The sun is going down early here in Fruita, days are shorter, and by the time we get off work at 6 pm, it looks like midnight. When we want to ride Joe’s Ridge or Kessle Run up at 18 rd after work, we have to ride at night. (It’s technically ALWAYS night riding season, but this time of year it’s gonna be happening a lot more often, because its gonna be dark a lot more than not). If you have never ridden at night, you should, at least once. Why? The cold and dark is no reason to stop riding your bike. The after work ride can and should still […]

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Dec / 20 / 2014

Fighting the Cold War

Winter is here in Fruita, and while it's been a pretty dry winter so far, and our trails are rideable, it's time to deal with the cold.  Luckily for us, every year we close down for the month of January and migrate to Sedona, Arizona, to ride bikes in the sun and Shred the Red. Many people come to Fruita for a kickass mountain bike vacation, but we live here, so we have to go somewhere else for our mountain bike vacation.  When it's cold and miserable here, Arizona has the sun and the heat we love.   If you are not lucky enough to go somewhere warm, and you have to deal with cycling in the cold, just like we do when we get back in February, here are some tips for fighting the cold war…. 1 – Layer.  this isn't new, most people know this, but you should […]

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