Fighting the Cold War

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Winter is here in Fruita, and while it's been a pretty dry winter so far, and our trails are rideable, it's time to deal with the cold.  Luckily for us, every year we close down for the month of January and migrate to Sedona, Arizona, to ride bikes in the sun and Shred the Red. Many people come to Fruita for a kickass mountain bike vacation, but we live here, so we have to go somewhere else for our mountain bike vacation.  When it's cold and miserable here, Arizona has the sun and the heat we love.  

If you are not lucky enough to go somewhere warm, and you have to deal with cycling in the cold, just like we do when we get back in February, here are some tips for fighting the cold war….

1 – Layer.  this isn't new, most people know this, but you should layer correctly.  Base layer, something light and breathable, we suggest wool, a middle layer, and top it off with an outer layer that is wind proof.  You really want to break the wind when you ride.  

2 – Hydrate.  When it's hot like Africa it's easy to drink enough water, but when you are cold, you don't realize you are still evaporating.  If you are riding your bike, you still need to drink enough water.   Don't forget this.  

3 – Plastic bags are great booties.  Instead of throwing those plastic bags out so they become part of that huge trash island in the sea, use them to keep your feet warm.  We recommend wool socks, then the plastic bags, then your shoes. They keep out wind, keep in heat, and are free.  

4 – Rest.  You hopefully had a big huge riding season.  Take a break, let your body recover.  Rest so you don't get burned out.  If it's a super crappy cold day, stay indoors and take a day or two off.  Your body might need it more than you think.  

If you come to ride, remember we are closed for the month of January, but we will be back on February 1.  Stay warm, ride your bike, and remember, no matter how cold and crappy it gets, you can still have a kick ass time on a bike, and before you know it, you will be back in shorts. You might have to fight the cold, but not for long.