Different days

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I rode yesterday with Jerry; felt great rolling along on the Knolly Endorphin. Wasnt painful to climb and wasnt an issue to feel flow on the Singletrack of Horsethief Bench; it was one of those good days. Just felt like riding a bike and the effort required to do so was not even a noticeable thing; just rolling along… Made me think of other days when you just feel entirely different than that. Your legs require coaxing for every stroke and the hills seem to be steep and dreadful even though your still not climbing it yet; the knowledge that you have to climb breaks your will and makes you pedal even slower. Some days flow; others… well, others do not

Today is one of those days. Oh well, what can you do besides what we always do in these times. Shift a gear; settle in and "Man Up". As long as you keep turning the pedals it will eventually sort itself out and you’ll feel right again. For now, just keep spinning. It’s all you can do…

Enjoy the ride