did you miss the Sedona Grand Opener?

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The Sedona Grand Opening Party has officially happened and the store is officially open! Damn that feels good. The party was a blast and a blur at the same time, and the vibe was unbelievably positive. If you missed it, well, you missed a good time, good trails, and damn good beer. But keep an eye on our facebook and blog as there will be plenty of more good times to come. This Grand Opening Party will undoubtedly live on as the "i've BEAN TO THE EDGE" event every October for years to come.

The Thank You List:

Thanks to all the Phoenicians, Flagstaffers, the contingent of Santa Fe'ans, and our new local 'dona friends for contributing to the good times, the laughs, the riding, and the fun.

Thanks to Nate at Wanderlust Brewery for the amazing IPA and Lager. It was a major hit. Also shout out to Oak Creek Brewery for the additional keg, that definitely came in handy as the party escalated.

Thanks to Daryl at FORM CYLES, who not only brought some gorgeous Bike Porn to show off in the shop, but took part in the "i've BEAN TO THE EDGE" fun ride and stayed around all night partying like its 1999 all over again.

Thanks to Jimmy at the Bike n Bean, for not only supporting our new existence, but actually hosting the start of the "i've BEAN TO THE EDGE" fun ride, and then coming over later to party with us. Awesome to have a friendly competitor that we can have fun with and make this mecca a better place to ride.

Thanks to our local Forest Service for showing up, supporting us, and even partying with all our mountain biker friends. We really look forward to working with you and making this mountain bike destination even better. Its amazing to have all these new trails being adopted, and we can't wait to take part in the upcoming trail work days.

Thanks to Kerri at IMBA for the support, the swag, and even helping to organize our merchandise!

And of course, thanks to our OTE family for all the love.