Come visit our bathroom

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Come Visit our Bathroom..
It’s April and the season is in full swing.  People are waiting outside the door in the mornings with so much pent up stoke about riding Fruita single track, that they are just bursting with energy.  They’re full of coffee or fresh off of a long drive. Many are doing the “I gotta pee” dance right at the sales regsister.  But a quick look back towards the yellow sticker covered bathroom door and it becomes clear that the dance isn’t going to end soon. A line has formed….

Our bathroom services are top notch.  Plenty of reading material, on the walls and on the bench. We have world class mountain bike photography displayed and every Fruita magazine cover shot we’ve ever had.  There’s signed posters from the worlds most awe inspiring bike riders too.  It’s so hard to get into our bathroom in the spring time that we’ve considered taking down all this cool stuff down just to speed up the process.

However, despite the line, despite the smell, and despite the fact that sometimes we do run out of toilet paper…you really should visit our bathroom!