One of the coolest mountain bike rides in Tahoe

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One of the coolest mountain bike rides you can do in South Lake Tahoe is to head up to Freel Pass! This is the one of highest point on the Tahoe Rim Trail and offers some amazing views and amazing trail!

Here is a couple of ways of getting there:

  1. Start at our shop and use our mountain bike shuttle service. For $10 we can shuttle you and your bike up to Stage Coach Lodge, from there you can head south on the Tahoe Rim Trail all the way to Freel Pass. You’ll start at 7,700′ and pedal a few miles, do a couple hike-a-bikes and land at Monument Pass at 8,000′. From there its smooth sailing to Star Lake. Take a dip, eat your snacks, and enjoy this serene alpine gem of a lake. Then about 3 more miles take you up another 700 feet to Freel Pass…thats it …….then…. you ride back to Star Lake and decend down Star Lake Trail to Cold Creek Trail, descend that too, then pedal back to the shop for cold beer. Or go all the way over the Pass and descend to Armstrong Pass, then down Armstrong Pass Trail to the Armstrong Connector to either Sidewinder or Corral and fininsh on lower Corral….that is some top shelf downhill and also almost 2 hours of going down.  Either way can be about 2 hours of descending!!
  2. Start from our shop and pedal up Cold Creek Trail to High Meadow. Then cut across High Meadow and pedal up Star Lake Trail to Star Lake. From Star Lake take the Tahoe Rim Trail to Freel Pass! You can come down the way you came up……or go down the other side of Freel Pass.
  3. More options exist so give  a call if you need more ideas!
South Lake Tahoe view from Tahoe Rim Trail at Freel Pass

South Lake Tahoe view from Tahoe Rim Trail at Freel Pass