Apr / 19 / 2016

Tahoe Trail Conditions

South Lake Tahoe Trail Report: Trails in South Tahoe are melting out rapidly!! Its mountain bike season! Corral Trail is open all the way up and down, no trees, no mud, just awesome. Armstrong Connector is also open and snow free. However the upper flat portion is not quite ready. Sidewinder is running like summer with only a tree or two in the way. Cold Creek Trail is open and clear all the way up to the lower rock slab (mid way point where trail is closest to road) Van Sickle is clear well over a third of the way up from the bottom Tahoe Mountain is also clear and dry. We are open and here to help you have greatness.. Lets Ride!!!

Nov / 30 / 2015

Melrose Riding Adventures

‘The hills don’t seem as steep or as daunting as they did on my first ride,’ I think to myself as I shift my ass to the nose of my saddle, swat flies from my face and keep my eyes on the crest of the hill.  The climbs here are longer than what I am used to.  The first day that I rode, I huffed and I puffed my way up the hills and even had to walk up part of one.  Two weeks later now and I find those same climbs to be fun for their terrain transitions from dirt up onto a rock ledge and different turns as they wind their way through the farm land. The narrow tracks here demand my attention at all times.  There have been many moments where my wheels have strayed from the dirt onto the long grasses that flank these tracks and […]

Oct / 15 / 2015

18 hrs of Melrose Video

Sep / 20 / 2015

Interbike Tradeshow 2015

Each year in September the bike world descends on Las Vegas for the annual Interbike show, the largest bicycle tradeshow in North America, held at the Mandalay Bay convention center. Over The Edge was there representing with members from Fruita, Hurricane, Sedona, and Tahoe – We had Mike, Jason, and Ian from Sedona there. Besides checking out the latest and greatest for 2016 bikes and components, and getting a feel for future bike industry trends, the show is really about the people. It’s about being friends with the people we do business with – seeing them face to face for once, shaking hands, having a laugh, and drinking a beer together. It’s really the only reason I go to the show anymore, as most of the buying is done earlier in the year now, and pictures of all the new stuff is online before the show anyways. One of the special […]

Sep / 12 / 2015

Sedona Bike Park Update

The Sedona bike park will be here before we know it! Plans have been released and construction will begin soon!  The new park will be located across the street at Sedona’s stunning Posse Grounds Park!  (home of the 2016 Sedona Mountain Bike Festival!) If all goes well,  we will be taking our lunch breaks at the park this spring!   The new park will be a great addition to our world class mountain bike trails and a great learning center for those new to Sedona mountain biking!  At the park you’ll be able to safely learn the skills needed to confidently ride HiLine, Hogs, Slim Shady, Chuck Wagon and more!   Stay tuned for updates on the Sedona bike park! Posse Grounds bike skills park master plan        

Aug / 18 / 2015

A Busy Sedona Summer; Awesome Riding Ahead!

Sedona Summers are great! Warm days basking by and swimming in Oak Creek, and cool nights staring up at the stars.  Summer mountain biking is just as incredible! After the monsoons… Our mountain bike trails become moist and tacky, more importantly… uncrowded!  temps are cool…  Its the perfect time to ride! In addition to our usual fun… the shop has been crazy busy!   We’ve been working 25 hours a day 9 days a week!  We do it not because we have to,  but because we want to!  We absolutely love it here!  Sedona is awesome… Our trails are awesome!  In addition to our ever increasing summer business, we have been preparing for the fall riding season!  We’ve been hard at work to make this fall the best season yet…  to make YOUR riding experience absolutely amazing! For the fall riding season we once again have a full line of brand […]

Aug / 16 / 2015

2015 Demo Bike Sale! Niner, Intense, Trek

Get Stoked!  All 2015 demo bikes are now on sale!   To make room for the new rental bike fleet,  these bikes need to go. Available bikes are from our 2015 Sedona bike rental fleet.  Sedona cycling is the real deal,  and so are our demo bikes!  All bikes are in great condition and come with the factory warranty!   Bikes are tuned and cleaned after every ride and parts are replaced as necessary!  Stop by today or give us a call!  (928) 282-1106. With a new bike from OTE Sedona, you’ll be riding with STEEZE in no time! Check out the list of bikes on sale here:  Demo Sale  

Aug / 03 / 2015

Melrose moving on up

  OTE MELROSE are still on a high from our Fat Tyre Festival which was on June Long weekend  – with record numbers we are super stoked on how the festival went! The Modular Pump Track – ACTION TRAX was a highlight for the kids and big kids! We will put some video footage up soon! Our events team have secured funding for the next 3 years to help us with the Fat Tyre Festival and 18 hrs of Melrose. Thank you – South Australian Tourism Commission We have had great success securing land next to the caravan park so we can build more family /  intermediate trails – which means Mum and Dad are happy sipping on their chardonnay while the kids are busy riding the trails close by. The bike skills station is almost complete – again near the caravan park. Everyone can test their skills on the intermediate […]

Jul / 09 / 2015

Come visit our bathroom

It’s April and the season is in full swing.  People are waiting outside the door in the mornings with so much pent up stoke about riding Fruita single track, that they are just bursting with energy.  They’re full of coffee or fresh off of a long drive. Many are doing the “I gotta pee” dance right at the sales regsister.  But a quick look back towards the yellow sticker covered bathroom door and it becomes clear that the dance isn’t going to end soon. A line has formed…. Our bathroom services are top notch.  Plenty of reading material, on the walls and on the bench. We have world class mountain bike photography displayed and every Fruita magazine cover shot we’ve ever had.  There’s signed posters from the worlds most awe inspiring bike riders too.  It’s so hard to get into our bathroom in the spring time that we’ve considered taking down all this cool […]

May / 05 / 2015

20 Years – Over the EDGE!

Fruita Colorado, 1995… not much was happening in Fruita 20 Years ago. A rag-tag bunch of Mountain Bike Trail builders had opened a bike shop in this quiet and recently bankrupt town with a vision for building amazing Singletrack and taking on the notoriety of Moab Utah just an hour plus next door. Restoring the 100 year old building at 202 E. Aspen Ave in Fruita in the mronings and digging what was to become world-legendary Singletrack in the desert surrounding town. Fruita was a work of passion and persistance in the face of a few challenges. As many still tease today; "I see what ya did, opened a bike shop in a town with no money, no customers and no trails… brilliant"… well, no one ever described us as "well thought out", "passion" and an indominable persistance are more the likely words used to describe the brith of Fruita […]