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Jun / 20 / 2009

Going Places

The feeling of heading to some exciting new place is always one filled with anticipation, maybe a bit of fear and the joy of new discovery that awaits. From the first time we set off on a bicycle we know that this freedom to explore beyond our normal boundries has opened huge doors in our lives. From when we were young and could stroll along new streets or visit a far away friend under the power of our two feet; freedom to go new places is a key part of a young life. To most of us who patron this site and Over the Edge (Thank You) we know that feeling still. Is there anything like turnign down a new trail towards a new unknown destination. Even if we know what is at the end its the feeling of knowing that a new experience lies around each corner and over […]

Jun / 20 / 2009


So many songs have described the feeling. I certainly have it now. I have been in a "world-wind" travel spin for the past 6 weeks plus. Before that it was Sea Otter and the Fruita Fat Tire Festival. I landed in Denver wednesday and thought I was back from a weary stint and ready for a break before my next big adventure. But before I could leave the airport; my "next adventure" hit me staright on and my 21 hour trip served as merely a warm up for the big challenge ahead. I knew it was up next but I didnt expect it so soon. It’s been a wild ride most of the run through the history of Fruita and Over the Edge. I have run along the jagged edge most of that time and enjoyed the thrill of seeing wonderful things happen with wonderful people and that can fuel […]

Jun / 16 / 2009

Heading back up

Home… I know… where is that exactly? Well, I do know that I miss Fruita Colorado a little bit and the places that I call home for most of the year. I have some friends there and some trails I havent even ridden yet this year and I’m ready to get back. I have been on the road for 7 of the past 12 weeks; Thank You very much, cuz  do love it, But I am ready to be in somehwere where I have an adress for a while. I’ll be flyin’ home from Sydney in a few hours and I will be in Colorado by Wednesday eve. I will be ridin’ in Fruita this weekend; anyone want to go? Cheers and Thanks to all my MTB family down here and all the wonderful kindness and support end generosity that we have been shown while we were down under for […]

Jun / 14 / 2009

Cool video featuring OTE Hurricane…

Here is a sweet video of pro freerider Mike Hopkins preparing for the Red Bull Rampage last fall.  When you’re about to huck off a fifty foot cliff you better hope your bike shop did a good job building your bike!  Luckily OTE Hurricane was up to the task!

Jun / 12 / 2009

Dodging Bullets

Dodging bullets   It’s great to share the good days we have on a Mountain Bike; yesterday we had that wonderful opportunity here on a trail called “Dodging Bullets” and I thought the perfect way to complete the great day would be to share it amongst us all. It’s so often in life that we seem to be doing just that; dodging something or coming under fire for this and that or facing challenges that aren’t really fun at all. Yesterday was one of those ride days that took us all away form all of that and allowed a small group of people from all over the world to share in the moments that make us all so passionate about the sport of cycling. These types of moments when we feel a bit more like a super hero dodging bullets and enjoying the heck out of it.   It’s just […]

Jun / 06 / 2009

Epic downhill…..

"Icarus, my son, I charge you to keep at a moderate height, for if you fly too low the damp will clog your wings, and if too high the heat will melt them. Keep near me and you will be safe." Wednesday I took a rag-tag group of singletrack pirates on the epic route known as the Flight of Icarus (we didn’t ride the closed sections though – we always respect trail closures).  The group was awed by the surreal views, brake-burning descents, and nail-biting ridgelines.  The group consisted of a myself, Doug; a vagabond trail builder, Devon; a frequent toursit, and Drake; the grom from Singletracks who has been turing heads this yea with his first palce finsihes in Super-D and Short Track at the Angel Fire race two weekends ago.  The ride was great, albeit a bit short (sure wish that trail went another 10 miles!).  

Jun / 03 / 2009

Ridding with Roo’s

Sorry I havent been in touch but the first 3 days in Melrose Australia have been a bit busy. From the town meeting last night where I did a little "5 year" speech at the Northstar hotel. To the riding and trail recon and the drinking Coopers Pale with the locals. Its been a whirl wind and a good one. The trails here are much matured since I was even here just over a year ago. More established bench cuts and more burned in lines as the Aussies have started to discover Melrose and the traffic has been good for the tracks. Its winter here now and the trails are wandering slices of dirt through very green grassy meadows and around huge lush Gum trees. It’s beautiful and I’ll post a picture soon. THe reptiles are all hibernated away but the Kangaroos have been plentiful and I have seen more of […]

May / 25 / 2009

Wandering the world with a bike

Let me start with a Thank You to all of you who love Bikes and have supported my crazy ideas and allowed me these opportunities, Thanks! Livin’ Over the Edge has been a thrill ride for me since the day that I started. From meeting the best people one could ever want to know as cycling brought people from all over our wonderful world to ride in Fruita. Finding a "thing" that worked and allowed for new adventures such as traveling to meet those people in their world and riding my bike with great people in amazing places. It’s awesome and I am grateful. Trust me; if you want to travel to ride, you are in great position to do so as a cyclist because our friends and fellow riders are great folks with amazing generosity. Not only willing, but eager, to share the passion for riding in some wonderful […]

May / 06 / 2009

Thanks for another great Festival – 18 Hour

Once again it was a fantastic Fest and 18 hour week and I want to say thanks to all of you who came and brought your energy and heart and soul to this fantastic couple weeks. Im ready to wrap it up, take note of the ideas we should change and start praying for a rain free 2010. Beyond that; Im ready to ride, its time. Sunny… 70… perfect trails and green desert… its time! So I’ll see you on the trail (or in the Alps as Im headin there for a week) and we’ll ride. Let me know if your going to be in Australia and maybe we’ll ride there in early June. Either way; thanks for bringing life to the Fruita Fest and for bringing your love for riding bikes to the 18 Hours of Fruita even no-matter what the weather does to us. I earnestly and honestly […]

May / 03 / 2009

Lacking a Tuxedo

I’ts always hard for me to know where to start these reviews ans so muvh has happened and I really dont want to disrespect any of the great moments that maek up the p[ast couple weeks. But I also know that if I dont start I will never get it done so bear with me and some open band chatter as I put down and revise this saga over the next few days. I really wanted a tuzedo for the closing ceremonies last night; glad I didnt have one as I would have been hard pressed to wear it since I missed my own closing party for the first time in all 14 years. Nothing lucky about this one, it got dirty in ways that the "Dirty Dozen" year never even dreamed of. The festival last week had gone so well and I felt so good that I didnt even […]