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Feb / 09 / 2013

Hiline Trail in the books

Hiline Trail has been absolutely amazing lately, its been my weekly epic ride from the shop. Hiline was recently adopted by the Forest Service, and with the adoption it actually got some major upgrades that not only make it more sustainable – but make it faster and flowyer! We are hooked. Starting from the store, my ~18 mile route follows these trails: Bandit, Ridge, Templeton, Easy Breezy, Coconino, Hiline, Baldwin, back up Ridge and descend back to the store.  Here's a shot riding with Ross Schnell, TJ from Poison Spider Bikes Moab, Kevin from Kona Bikes, and Lars from VVCC advocacy group: 

Jan / 31 / 2013

hiring part timer

  Over The Edge Sports in Sedona, AZ is searching for an enthusiastic outgoing cycling enthusiast to join our team. This is primarily an entry level retail sales position, but being a young and growing store expect to wear multiple hats with basic bicycle repairs, cleaning, merchandising, etc. Being in a destination mountain bike town, we are looking for someone who is outgoing, excited, and cares about helping people make the most of their visit to ride Sedona. Candidates must;   Have an outgoing personality, enjoy talking to new people Love the outdoors Be comfortable with maps and trails Be confident using a computer; email, social media, Microsoft Office Have direct sales experience Basic bike riding and product knowledge would be a plus, but not necessarily required, we’d be happy to train the right person! If interested please contact  

Dec / 05 / 2012

Hangover Trail Work Day

Have you ridden the iconic Hangover trail yet? This has long been the ultimate social trail of Sedona, with its technical lines, slick rock, exposure, and amazing views. Thankfully this trail will forever live on, as the Forest Service is officially adopting this trail! We will be joining the VVCC on Saturday Dec. 8th for Trail Work on Hangover. This includes signage, marking the slick rock, brushing, and fixing eroded bench-cuts and corners. Meet at the Huckaby Trailhead at the top of Schnebly Hill Rd (where the pavement ends). at 9:30AM. Be sure to bring a helmet, long sleeve pants and shirt, glasses, and plenty of water/snacks.  

Jun / 05 / 2012

Rocky Mountain Bikes – stepping it up

At Over the Edge Sports, we are HUGE fans of ROCKY MOUNTAIN bikes. Its not just the ride quality and durability of the bikes that impress us – as they have proven on our rental fleets – but its the people behind the brand. Rocky Mountain is just straight up good people with a real passion for mountain biking, and that really resonates with the soul of Over the Edge. We're really proud to share the mtb love with Rocky. Rocky is a Canadian brand with deep roots in the history of mountain bikes, and for the most part, they are still a relatively low key brand in the USA. The latest offerings from Rocky are on par with any boutique brand out there, especially the Elements and Slayers; the only thing lacking is the marketing hype…… Well, that appears to be stepping up as well, as the latest videos […]

Feb / 07 / 2012

Bikepacking on the BCT

  Greetings.   Bama here, fotos by Troy.   An update on the Sedona Experience. Life is still good. Actually, life is freakin' awesome. Why? Because living the Sedona Experience is different than living in what your parents called "the real world." What am I talking about? Please pause your iGizmo, stop texting/tweeting/driving, and stop for a moment whilst I break it down for's you's.     Okay. There are things that make us feel good… things that excite us, things that cause fear, love, lust, and stress. Often times, living in "the real world" means trying to figure out how to make money, influence people, and get ahead. There's a formula to that.. a mechanism that leads us to being a successful person. But humans aren't mechanized; we're not machines, and we don't thrive on stress. We're more complicated, and yet, we're very simple.   We need friends. We […]

Jan / 02 / 2012

New Years Ride (hangover)

I love it when it all works out for an epic Party-Hard-Play-Hard adventure….. and most especially for New Years! Our adventure for this year was a “Hungover on Hangover” ride to kick off 2012, being the most epic ride in Sedona, its got the makings of being a tradition from here on out. With loads of fun, booze, and parties going on all over the place for NYE, its only natural to start off Jan 1 with a good size hangover. With the legendary Hangover Trail here in Sedona, it beckoned to be ridden completely hungover, and no better time to do that than on New Years. The Hangover trail is also one of our most challenging trails: with technical steeps, climbs, drops, traverses, pucker factor exposure, amazing views, and even fast singletrack…… it really has it all. Although its a dangerous trail in general, and probably even more dangerous […]

Dec / 25 / 2011

Merry Christmas

From our Trails to yours…… Have a beautiful Christmas!!  Come on by over the holidays, temps and trails in Sedona are looking to be perfect 😉 

Nov / 27 / 2011

Trail Work Days (Sedona)

After yet another great ride on Chuck Wagon trail, I realized I forgot to blog about our recent trail work day last week…. as its now elevated to yet another super fun singletrack trail on the west side of Sedona! Our awesome Forest Service organized a couple re-routes on this trail, and a nice showing of 'workers' showed up to hammer this out in 1 day. With the re-routes we get a more flowy singletrack that better uses the lay of the land – rather than going straight up and down some rocky bits it now has 'nicer' gradients that aren't as steep – so you get some longer downs and mellower ups. This trail really has a mix of it all: red rock slabs in creek beds, loose rocky bits to keep you honest, redness, and twisty singletrack through hobbit like forests of junipers and manzanitas in DARK BROWN […]

Nov / 06 / 2011

Winter Riding in Sedona – awesome & gorgeous

The first signs of winter hit Sedona on Friday night, and if this is a sign of things to come….. we're freakin' stoked on how it looked! downright epic and beautiful…. snow, red rock, hero dirt, and not even that cold. + its already melted off in one day. If you were one of those people who cancelled ride plans in Sedona this weekend, then YOU MISSED OUT!! But no worries, we're here to help (rub it in at least) with a quick slideshow of the scenery on a ride straight outta the front door of our shop. Enjoy, and start thinking about making plans to visit this winter <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Nov / 04 / 2011

Moustache Season = "Movember"

Calling all potential Mo' Bros – its time to rock the Mo'!! Movember is officially upon us, and what better way to show your support for and its efforts in supporting prostate cancer, then by growing a moustache?! This is one of our all time favorite chairities, we'll be rocking a donation box, Mo' posters, and our own Mo's all month. Please join us in the revolution to change the face of men's health. Check out and tell your friends. Enter our Mo' Contest: simply post a picture of your Mo' on our Facebook page and our panel of judges will review the best Mo's to recieve a rad prize…. We're doubting we'll get many entries, so your chance to win some sweet swag are really good. Do It!  Facebook: Over the Edge Sedona ( )