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Jan / 21 / 2012

Ladies ride 1/19/12

We had a great ladies ride out exploring some sweet new trails. Great views as well! Wouldn't you like to know where this is! Come see us and we might take you.

Jan / 14 / 2012

Riding in Sedona

  How could a week of no work and lots of planned pedaling get any better?  Well, start with Sedona's majestic vista's, it's trails that inspire, enlighten, challenge and occasionally terrify.  Add to that a collection of characters from the extended Over the Edge family and warmer than normal January temps and what you get is the perfect mtb road trip.  We arrived Sunday evening late after driving through quicksilver light illuminating the "rez" from the nearly full moon only to find everyone in bed.  A rapid unrolling of bedgear for empty beds or floorspace and we drifted to sleep dreaming of the coming 2 wheeled adventures.  Morning found us scrambling for a frenetic breakfast mixed with hugs from old friends and introductions of new before settling into  the first of the family "meetings" that was the official excuse for this gathering.  We wrapped up the morning discusions and suited […]

Apr / 25 / 2011

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