A Busy Sedona Summer; Awesome Riding Ahead!

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Sedona Summers are great! Warm days basking by and swimming in Oak Creek, and cool nights staring up at the stars.  Summer mountain biking is just as incredible! After the monsoons… Our mountain bike trails become moist and tacky, more importantly… uncrowded!  temps are cool…  Its the perfect time to ride!

In addition to our usual fun… the shop has been crazy busy!   We’ve been working 25 hours a day 9 days a week!  We do it not because we have to,  but because we want to!  We absolutely love it here!  Sedona is awesome… Our trails are awesome!  In addition to our ever increasing summer business, we have been preparing for the fall riding season!  We’ve been hard at work to make this fall the best season yet…  to make YOUR riding experience absolutely amazing!

For the fall riding season we once again have a full line of brand new, awesome, demo bikes!  We have replaced and upgraded the majority of our riding fleet!  Along with our favorites,  we’re adding new demo options from BMC, Knolly, Niner and Trek!  Honestly,  we have the best demo bikes in the region!  From the fun $29 per day X-Caliber 7 to Sedona’s most capable, most versatile, most popular demo,  the Intense Tracer T275 Carbon Shredsled, our bikes are top notch and will not let you down!

Further, we’ve upped our women’s offerings for the coming riding season!  New clothing,  demo saddles,  and the one thing I’m most stoked about… the all new Trek Remedy 8 WSD (Women’s Specific Design) 27.5 (This bike is absolutely gorgeous!!).  It’s no secret that the remedy line was built for Sedonas epic mountain biking trails… now there is one just for her!

If you have plans to ride with us this fall,  I hope you’re prepared for one of the best riding experiences of your life…  We’re all eagerly awaiting your arrival,  ready and willing to make your visit memorable!  If you don’t have plans to ride Sedona,  make them,  do what ever you have to do to get here!  Sedona is a mountain biking mecca,  best when shared!   It truly is “the most beautiful place on earth”

Come ride with us!


New Demo Bikes for Fall 2015!

BMC Speedfox 03 Trailcrew – 27.5

Knolly Warden – 27.5

Niner Rip 9 Carbon – 29

Trek Fuel 8 – 29

Trek Remedy 8 WSD (Women’s Specific) – 27.5

Trek Remedy 9.8 – 29

Trek Stache – 29+