2021 OTE 3Day Buena Vista Event

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The 2021 OTE 3 Day event in Buena Vista Colorado hosted by The BV Bike Co and Push and Pull.

At the end of June we invited a large group of our friends to meet us for 3 days of bikes and other fun in Buena Vista, Colorado. Not everyone made it, but those who did enjoyed the amazing hospitality of our friends Simon Stewart and Joe Parkin and their great little cafe/restaurant Push & Pull in Buena Vista and also the BV Bike Co. Every day of the event began and ended there, with coffee and waffles in the AM and various culinary delights and drinks in the evenings.

The weather either did or didn’t co-operate, it depends how you look at it. With a heat wave across a large part of the country the cooler temps and occasional rain shower were welcome, and made for hero dirt conditions.

DAY ONE – Vitamin B Trail

Push and Pull invaded by Stagette

After the days ride we returned to Push and Pull for an amazing dinner and drinks and stayed while the place was invaded by a bachelorette party. Always Good Times!

DAY 2 – Colorado Trail to Princeton Hot Springs

Starting the day strong with coffee and fresh waffles, we readied ourselves for what looked like a cold wet ride on the Colorado Trail. Luckily the ride ended at Princeton Hot Springs so we knew we’d be warm after.

Breakfast of Champions. Freshly made waffles dipped in cinnamon and sugar, accompanied by a tasty cappuccino.
Simon showing us how to ride across a slippery wet log bridge over a rocky creek. Most of us took the easier way around.
There nothing quite like sitting in hot water and drinking a cold beverage at the end of a cold wet ride.

The second nights dinner at Push and Pull featured tasty fresh tacos. Joe makes almost everything in-house, from the morning’s waffles to the tortillas for the tacos, everything was fresh and oh so good.

DAY THREE – Doctors Park Trail, Crested Butte

We had considered rafting the Arkansas River on the third day, but with more rain and cold in the forecast a group of us decided to head West to Crested Butte and ride Doctors Park Trail. With the fresh moisture in the ground it promised to be an amazing ride.

Doctors Park promised to be amazing after the rain, and it definitely delivered. Fresh tacky hero dirt from top to bottom, with only a few wet spots left us all with a high level of stoke!

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