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Over the Edge has grown because our people, like us, love to travel and ride bikes. The combination of the two is my favorite thing to do and what we want to share with you.

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No Baby Sitters

Edge Travel will be developing some ideas of a tour that is not a "tour." I know I won't do "tours" because I don't need to be baby sat and I can change my own flat and would rather stop for lunch at that cool Italian cafe than have a guide make me a sandwich. The goal of Edge Travel is to — just the same as the Over the Edge stores — help you go to amazing new places.

Maybe you don't go because your not sure how? Maybe you don't know where to start or how to fly with your stuff or where to leave your bike case or where to find the secret stash of amazing! We will help you. I (Troy OTE Founder) have spent the last decade wandering the back roads of the Italian foothills and the majestic Cols of the Alps, and I would love to share what I have found.


Our Favorite Places

OTE Australia can show you some great New Zealand Singletrack or a road ride along the great ocean road and the wine country of South Australia while we work our way toward Melrose for some Singletrack and a few pints.

OTE Italy is not yet a reality, but I would love nothing more than showing your group of friends that way to cross northern Italy without ever riding a road wider than your street and sharing an amazing experience only limited by your cameras storage space.


Any Destination

There is amazing out there and we want to share it. Watch for more from Edge Travel or just email me for a custom adventure.

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