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Sedona AZ; home to the Over the Edge winter staff retreat for the past decade plus. It is no surprise that as the legends of Sedona; Mountain Bike Heaven and Rama, Nod and the crew mentioned that the iconic shop of Mountain Bike Heaven might be closing? The OTE crew sat around our Sedona shack and said the same words that were said in Fruita, Hurricane and Melrose; "there needs to be a shop here and it would be a shame if it weren't a cool shop so it might as well be an OTE". That was three winters ago; MTB Heaven hung on for a while and we watched patiently, but as the news seemed to be of iminent vacancy in this epic MTB town, we started to get serious... thats when "whats his name" and all of us were riding sick world class trails above the Schnebly Hill Road and he said to me, "if your serious about an OTE ere I might be really interested..." well... I was... we are... and the idea of Sedona OTE was fertilized at that moment. Call it ironic that 9 months later; the emergence of the shop will occur in the heart of the winter mountain bike paradise we have known and loved for 15 years; Sedona AZ. Not in the town down the road, not in the uber touristy mess of uptown but in the heart of Sedona Sedona where people live, grocery stores overshadow trinket shops and pink jeeps are less a fixture than real people riding real bikes to real sick trails never more than a few blocks away.

Sedona; it's Mountain Bike Heaven and as we start kicking in the womb and finalizing the birth place of this spiritula mecca in the OTE family, we will honor and pay respects to the shop and the people who have anchored this community as an MTB icon for the past 20 years. Cheers to the Sedona seven and the amazing trail builders who have carved out some of the coolest lines you would ever dare put a kknobby tire on. Cheers to Sedona and we look forward to sharing it with you...

Come ride with us... opening September 2011

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