Tahoe Trail Conditions & Weather

Trail Conditions

All low elevation options clear. Shuttles running. Snow on some higher elevation of trails. Thawing fast tho!  Give a call for info.

New shuttle offering this year!

Please ride/walk through snow patches, NOT around. Around makes trail wider and less fun when snow is gone. Plus, you riding through the snow makes it go away faster!

Coffee an Beer Bar opening soon!! Coffee. Ride. Beer.

Shop Notes

Trails listed from North to South. TRT = the Tahoe Rim Trail


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Trail Status as of 07/21/2017

TRT: Spooner Summit to Dagget Pass Open
TRT: Dagget Pass to Monument Pass Open
TRT: Monument Pass to Star Lake Open
TRT: Star Lake to Armstrong Pass Open
TRT: Armstrong Pass - Mr. Toads Wild Ride Open
TRT: Mr. Toads Wild Ride to Luther Pass Open
TRT: Luther Pass to Luther Pass Campground Open
TRT: Luther Pass Campground to Pacific Crest Trail Open
Kingsbury Stinger Open
Van Sickle Open
Lots of hiking traffic, please be respectful other users. *Over use will result in closure to bikes --please no shuttle laps
Powerline Trail Open
Monument Pass Open
Star Lake Trail Open
Cold Creek Open
Armstrong Pass Trail Open
Amrstrong Connector Open
Corral Trail Open
Incense Cedar Open
Sidewinder Open
Mr. Toads Wild Ride Open
Scotts Lake Trail Open
Christmas Valley Open
Dardanell's Lake Trail Open
Tahoe Mountain Trail Network Open
New trail completed, more to come
Spooner Shuttle Open
Dagget Shuttle Open
Stagecoach Shuttle Open
Luther Pass Shuttle Open
Pass2Pints Shuttle Open
We'd love to pick you up!