Trail Shuttle Service

Every ride should start with coffee and end with beer! Agreed? We can make that happen for you with out even moving your car. Park at Over The Edge, come in get a coffee, get on our shuttle, RIGHT BACK TO the shop, and enjoy high fives and a beer in our garden!

Our shuttle service allows you to ride right back to the shop on single track 99.99% of the way.

Here’s the scoop:

The Tahoe Rim Trail (“the TRT”)  is a 165 mile piece of single track that circles the crest of the Lake Tahoe Basin. The TRT is almost entirely open to bikes. Along the east and south shores bikes are permitted without restriction or interruption. The quality of trail is world-class; amazing views, pristine and remote.

There are several access points to the Rim Trail and also several trails descending off and toward the lake. This makes for several amazing shuttle options. From all trail-heads you can ride back to the shop on trail with less than 1 mile of pavement.

Our trail shuttle serves the various trail-heads and options along the east and southern shore.

Popular Destinations:

Mountain Bike Shuttle Service TahoeThe following trail-heads are our most often served shuttle destinations:

Spooner Pass: $15 per person

Suggested Ride: Ride south along the Rim Trail to HWY 207. Cross HWY 207 and continue along the TRT and finish by descending Van Sickle Trail.

Basic description: Awesome! Non-technical climb. Amazing vista mid-ride. Crazy fun finish.

Approximately: 20 miles   Average ride time: 6 hours

-Kingsbury Grade HWY 207 (Dagget Pass): $10 per person

Suggested Ride: TRT north from the east side of the highway. Non-technical climbing for 30ish minutes. Option 1: Fun flowy decent to cross Kingsbury Grade lower down (Tahoe side). Climb up to top of Van-Sickle Trail. Ripping semi-techincal decent back to lake level, 5 minute street pedal back to shop. Option 2: From top of first climb, descend to access newly rerouted Kingsbury Stinger and take it down to lake level. 10 mins street pedal back to shop.

Basic Description: Frequent amazing Lake views!! Mostly low technical descending and climbing. All single-track with 1 mile of dirt road (Option 1).

Approximately: 16 miles with an average ride time of 3.5 hours

– NEW “Pass-2-Pints” Ride: Genoa, NV $30 per person (return shuttle)

The ride: Choose one of the above shuttle options (Spooner Pass or Dagget Pass drop) and ride the TRT  to the top of Sierra Canyon Trail. Drop this for up to 12 miles of downhill to the back door of the oldest bar in Nevada! Have beers in their lawn and we will pick you up and bring you back to the shop! Sounds terrible..

Basic Description: Lots of killer views of the lake along undulating single track with technical bits here and there. Long flow 2700′ decent into the Carson Valley below. Ends with a frosty pint…or four.

Approximately: 16-20 miles with an average ride time of 3.5 hours. We only offer one set pick up time of 4:00 at the Genoa Bar.

-Kingsbury Grade HWY 207 (Stagecoach Lodge): $10 per person

Suggested Ride: TRT south towards Monument Pass. Either descend down Monument Pass Tr or continue on to Star Lake, then descend Star Lake Tr. Both options take you to High Meadow. Then finish by descending Cold Creek Tr and ride Powerling Tr back to shop.

Basic Description: Traversing trail with technical bits. Rewarding finish at Star Lake, then a ripping decent!

Approximately: 15 miles w/ Star Lake    Average ride time: 4 hours

Luther Pass: $15 per person

Easy access to Mr. Toads Wild Ride.

Suggested Ride 1: TRT climb to Mr. Toads Wild Ride (signed Saxon Creek). Descend Toads to end at Fountain Place Rd. Add a lap on Corral Trail/Sidewinder or Armstrong Connector or both! Easy ride back to shop.

Basic Description: Bits of technical climbing right off but not sustained. Steep technical fast decent down Toads. Swoopy funs turns at the bottom leave you wanting more? Pedal up Fountain Place and take rip down Corral Trail or Sidewinder or Armstrong Connector.

Suggested Ride 2: TRT climb up and passed Toads. Continue up through Freel Meadows to highpoint of 9420’. Descend to Artmstrong Pass, continue descend on Armstrong Pass Tr, the Armstrong Connector, and Corral Tr.

Basic Description: Bit more climbing up above tree line on the TRT. Looooooooooong varied decent down some of Tahoe bests single track.

Approximately: 10 miles (Toads option) 16 miles (Armstrong option)   Average ride time: 3-5 hours

Tahoe Meadows: $40 per person

Our biggest shuttle option available- i.e. your going to be on your bike all day

Suggested Ride: From drop off at Tahoe Meadows, ride Tahoe Rim Trail all the way back to South Lake Tahoe. Finish ride into town with a decent of any of the trails dropping from the Tahoe Rim Trail south of the Kingsbury Stinger Trail. Or drop into Genoa, NV and finish at the Genoa Bar and we can pick you up as described above.

Approximately30+ miles, 6+ hours ,depending on decent option.


Hours and Such…

**All shuttles have a 2 person minimum. Solo riders will be asked to pay rate of 2.

Operating hours:

The shuttle is available for service everyday from 10am-5pm. This is a charter service and destination is based on demand. For our administrative and staffing purposes we offer service on the hour, every hour.   Sat-Sun advanced reservation required. SEASONAL CHANGES and CLOSURE: Post Oct 1st, please call for availability/schedule.

Custom Options:

All shuttle are ran in a charter fashion. We will accommodate your needs and provide service to and from any location we are permitted to operate within. Please call for custom options.