Sedona Trail Conditions & Weather

Trail Conditions

Spring is here!  Trails are awesome and in great shape.   This winter the forest service worked on Teacup,  Pigtail,  Andante and Thunder Mountain!  Go see whats new!!!

Rain in the forecast will make next weekend incredible!   Get ready for some good times 🙂

Shop Notes

LIV is here!  Bikes designed from the ground up just for women riders!  We will have the Hail Advanced One and Embolden One available for demos soon!

New Grand Central Video!

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Trail Status as of 03/20/2017

Creek Xings Caution
Water level high! Seek alternate route.
| Bike Park Open
Great shape! Stop by for details!
| Bell Rock Path Open
| Long Canyon Open
| Adobe Jack Open
| Chuck Wagon Open
| Grand Central Open
Check out the new Video! Link above :-)
| Javalina Open
| Jordan Open
| Llama Open
| Mescal Open
| Templeton Open
| Broken Arrow Open
| Pigtail Open
| Ridge Open
| Slim Shady Open
| Teacup Open
| Hiline Open
| Hogs Open
| Hangover Open
Never Ride Alone! Use Caution