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Born from MTB passion, the very first Over the Edge Sports is a fixture in the MTB world.

Fruita, Colorado


Ibis Ripley 29er

$89 per business day

Hands down this is the most anticipated bike we've ever demoed.  It is also a bike that will change the way suspension bikes are made from here on out.  This is the sleekest, sexist bike you've ever seen and it can back up all that talk by ripping all day in the dirt.  The suspension links are completely hidden with no external view of the pivots, it has 120m of big wheel travel, and can take on any quiver of bikes and come out winning as THE ONE BIKE TO RULE THEM ALL!  No doubt make a reservation in advance on this one.

Sizes available: Small, Med, Lrg, Xtra Lrg (please note that Ibis bikes run small compared to most brands)



Santa Cruz Tallboy LT Carbon 29er

$89 per business day

Big Wheels Roll
This is the bike you've been dreaming of.  Santa Cruz took everything we loved about the original Tallboy and added more suspension travel and slacker more aggresive geometry.  The curvaceous carbon fiber frame is more than just a pretty face: it offers amazing stiffness and strength while keeping weight feathery light. That, plus 130mm of wheel travel and fast rolling large diameter wheels that are set up tubeless spells out one thing: BIG WHEELS KEEP ON ROLLING!

Sizes available: Med, Lrg, Xtra Lrg



Rocky Mountain 970 MSL Carbon 29er

$89 per business day

Rocky Mountain Bicycles is getting good at listening to what people want.  Big wheels, carbon frame, dropper seatpost, reliable Shimano XT drivetrain, Fox suspension and long travel at the lightest weigt possible.  That's the new Instinct 970 MSL Carbon at a glance.  But if you see it in person you'll do more then glance, you'll probably touch it, squeaze it's levers. You'll probably flick its sexy carbon frame with your finger just to hear that cool carbon sound.  It's OK, we do that too.  If you want to do more then glance, make a reservation and demo this thing.  It will be worth every penny!

Sizes available: Med, Lrg, Xtra Lrg



Pivot Mach 429 Carbon 29er

$89 per business day

WOW!  You have to see this frame to believe it.  Carbon fiber has never been shaped to look so good!  Pivot has upped the ante with this bike, taking the proven performance of the Mach 429 aluminum and adding carbon. All new geometry, a revised dw-link® suspension design and the same Pivot hollow box internal molding technology developed on the Carbon Mach 5.7.  The Mach 429 Carbon delivers a perfect balance by taking all of the riding efficiencies of the 29er and delivering the handling characteristics of a 26”.  

Sizes available: Small, Med, Lrg (please note that these bikes run large compared to other brands)



Ibis Mojo HDR (650b/27.5 wheels)

$89 per business day

The Mojo HDR is Ibis's answer to the new mid size wheel.  The Mojo HDR continues in the very capable footsteps of their popular and highly regarded Mojo HD, taking its technology and versatility a few steps further.  This bike is a super lightweight, efficient pedaling, strong and versatile trail ripper.  Its longish travel and light weight blur's the line between an All Mountain bike and a Cross Country bike. Its beauty makes ladies and metrosexual men swoon (OK, maybe not). Its dw-link suspension makes terrain disappear.    We'd definitely make a reservation on this one!

Sizes available: Med, Lrg, Xtra Lrg   (please note these bikes run smaller then most brands)



Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon (650B/27.5 wheels)

$89 per business day

Two decades of evolution at Santa Cruz Bicycles brought them to to this bike. An entirely new frame, new wheel size and new perspective on what a 6" travel bike can conquer. Here at OTE you'll still find most of the OTE staff riding 6" travel trail bikes.  Throw in the advantages of bigger wheels, an amazingly light frame and the firm pedaling platform of VPP and you've got one of the hottest bikes of the year. 

Sizes available: Med, Lrg, Xtra Lrg



Rocky Mountain Altitude 750 MSL Carbon (650b/27.5 wheels)

$89 per business day

Just a few years ago most riders, whether they could afford it or not, felt that having a quiver of bikes was necessary to be able to have the perfect bike for every trail.  Well those days are over! Introducing the 'quiver killer'--- The Rocky Mountain Altitude 750MSL carbon!  This is your all day XC downhill bike of all bikes.  The one bike that is good at pretty much everything.  You'll find yourself grinning your way to the top of every climb and then giggling all the way back down.

Sizes available: Med, Lrg



Turner Burner (650B/27.5 wheels)

$89 per business day

This marks the triumphant return of the legendary Turner Burner.  With 140mm of travel and 27.5/650B wheels it has the potential to not only slay your favorite trails but the competition as well. Turner redesigned this bike from the ground up to follow in the foot steps of the original.  This bike is for the rider who loves the feel and ride of the bigger wheel size without any of the repercussions regarding handling or small frame sizes. The Turner Burner is a faster, smoother, trail inspired machine ready to take your riding to the next level. 

Sizes available: Med, Lrg



Pivot Mach 6 (650b/27.5" wheels)

$89 per business day

This bike is making waves.  It's dead sexy to look at and rides just as well as it looks. The Mach 6 features the next generation of long travel dw-link design. It has 6.1” (155mm) of travel, a low BB height (13.6”), a longer top tube, lower stand-over, and a slack head angle (66 degrees). It's built around an ultra stiff and responsive carbon chassis which is designed to reward those willing to push the limits.  This bike just screams of speed! The Mach 6 absolutely rips for the aggressive trail rider.


Sizes available: Small, Med, Large


Rocky Mountain Instinct 950 29er

$69 per business day

Named after its instinctive ability to tame a variety of terrain, the Instinct is the perfect platform for epic exploration. 130mm of  travel keeps you on track without bogging you down on the climbs.

The Instinct can ride proper trails all day long.  It's the perfect do everything machine. It is also the personal favorite of many on the OTE staff, so you know we believe in it.   If you want to try a seriously fun 29er this is your bike.

Sizes available: Med, Lrg, Xtra Lrg



Trek Remedy 8 29er

$69 per business day

This bike is a game changer.  If you were ever left wondering if 29ers could ever handle as well as 26" bikes, the answer is YES!  The Remedy 29er is the best handling most playful and fun 29er we've ever had.  It also not only blurs the line between all-mtn and cross country, it kicks it to the curb.   Up or down, the Remedy 29er is an amazing "do it all" machine.  We like to refer to the Remedy as a Mountain Bike, not an XC bike, or a trail bike, or a race bike, but A MOUNTAIN BIKE!   Viva La Remedy!

Sizes available: Small, Med, Lrg, Xtra Lrg



Knolly Warden

$69 per business day

Knolly?  Who's this Knolly bike maker?  OTE is proud to be a demo center for this small Canadian brand.  Whether you've heard of them or not, when you take one look at this machine you'll see it's a hand made work of shredtastic art.  The Warden is Knolly's 150mm travel 27.5" wheeled trail bike.  Call it Enduro, All-Mountain, Freeride or just a mountain bike, whatever you call it you better be ready rip on this bike!  Our bikes come with the Cane Creek inline shock so you can fiddle with and geek out on suspension set up.  Or let us set it up for you and go ride your butt off!

Sizes available: Med, Lrg, 



Trek Remedy 8 (650b/27.5 wheels)

$69 per business day

The Trek Remedy has consistently been a staff favorite here at OTE.  Our store owner Rad Ross Schnell rides for Trek and has design input into these bikes.  Bringing bigger wheels to the Remedy was a long, well thought out process.  The expectations for this bike were very high, as the 26" wheeled version was so popular.  Is the new 27.5" wheeled version of the Trek Remedy better then the old one?  The answer is resounding YES!  This bike is simply more fun to ride then the old bike, which was really fun too!

Sizes available are: 17.5" small --18.5" Med--19.5" Lrg



Santa Cruz 5010 (650b/27.5 wheels)

$69 per business day

Do you want a firm pedaling, quick climbing, shortish travel FUN bike?  In the old days a good climbing XC bike meant that it probably was NO FUN to descend on.  The new Santa Cruz 5010 throws all that out the window. A low bottom bracket height, shorter chainstays and 125mm of progressive VPP™ suspension give 5010 its snappy, nimble, ride. A 68 degree head angle adds climbing agility into the equation, while a 5.73 lb aluminum frame weight define 5010 as the tool for that Fruita back country mission you've always been dreaming of. 

(Please note that Santa Cruz had to change the name of this bike due to a copy right infringement. It was originally called the "Solo")

Sizes available: Med, Lrg, Xtra Lrg



Rocky Mountain Altitude 750 (650B/27.5 wheels)

$69 per business day

The hype surrounding the battle of the wheel sizes (29er vs 27.5 vs 26) is just beginning to heat up.  Everyone who loves the sharp handling and playfullness of a 26" bike but who would like a little more roll over ability wants to know if the middle sized wheel can deliver.  Throw in the myriad geometry choices and 6 inches of suspension travel and you may just have the perfect Fruita trail weapon.  Demo a new Rocky Mountain Altitude and find out for yourself.

Sizes available: Med, Lrg, Xtra Lrg



Trek Lush SL 29er (Women Specific Design)

$69 per business day

Hey Ladies!  It's about time a bike company made a truly womens specific 29er with reasonable stand over height.  The Trek Lush SL 29er is game changer in womens big wheel bikes.  We've got a hunch you'll want to make a reservation on this one!  

Sizes available: Xtra Sml, Sml, Sml/Med, Med



Ibis Mojo SLR

$69 per business day

Ibis started from scratch and did a full reboot on this bike. Everything is new!

The original Mojo gave way to the Mojo SL which led to the Mojo HD. What they learned from the continual development of all those bikes was combined, and the result is the Mojo SL-R.  The Mojo SL-R is a phenomenally light, startlingly stiff trail bike. It is the pinnacle of performance in a 26" wheeled bike.  We'll use one word to describe this bike... FUN!

Size available: Med (please note that Ibis bikes run small compared to other brands)



Rocky Mountain Blizzard

$69 per day

If you have never ridden a fat bike, you really should.  They might look funny, but riding one makes you feel like a kid again.  Originally meant for snow, or deep loose sand, the fat bike has come a long way, and is at home as much on smooth flowy dirt or rocky techy terrain as it is on the snow.  The Rocky Mountain Blizzard not only looks dead sexy, it rides like a dream.  Don't believe us?  Give it a try.  



Trek Lush S (Women Specific Design)

$49 per business day

The all new womens specific Trek Lush is not your average "shrinked and pinked" laidies mountain bike.  The Lush has lighter tubing, a shorter top tube, contact points designed for women and suspension that is tuned for lighter weight.  It also has the lowest standover in its class.  The Trek Lush is one plush ride.  Demo one today!  

Sizes available: XS, Small, Med



Trek Fuel EX 7-29er

$49 per business day

The Fuel EX has been Trek's best selling bike for years.  There's good reason for that as this bike really shreds!  This year the Fuel EX got bigger 29" wheels making this one of the most competent rental bikes we've ever offered at this price.  Up hill, down hill, side hill- the Fuel EX is ready for the task.

Sizes available: Med, Lrg, Xtra Lrg, XXLrg




Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 730 (650b/27.5 wheels)

$49 per business day

The Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 730 is our "go to" trail bike for this area.  With 27.5" wheels you get more "rollability" then a 26" bike, without any downsides.  This bike has good parts selection, 120mm of efficient suspension and phenominal brakes. It's our best bang for the buck!  

Sizes available:  Xtra Sml, Sml, Med, Lrg



Trek Kids Bikes

$25 per business day

Little Shredders need sweet bikes too!  And we've got some of the best kids bike rentals you can get.  Front "shocks", full range of gears, and moveable pedals and handlebars to fit about any size kiddo.  We've got these bikes in the 24" wheel size as well as 20".   If your little mounainbiker is ready to rip a Kessel Run, get em a bike worthy of the jump to hyperspace!




ENVE Carbon Wheelset

$45 per business day

Why are people buying $2500 wheelsets?  Why do those same people tell you it was worth the money?  Are they crazy?  Find out for yourself if a carbon wheel upgrade is worth it.   We are now demoing 26", 27.5" (650B) and 29" DT Swiss/Enve wheelsets.  There simply isn't another upgrade you can make to your bike that makes more of a performance difference.  The price of demo includes our damage protection program, already installed Continental tubeless tires, and all labor and set up to swap cassette gears and rotors to the wheels. Give us a call so we can work out the details and reserve you a set of these carbon beauties. http://www.enve.com/wheels/mtb/twenty6AM.aspx

(We'll need to know your axle spacing and if you use 6 bolt or centerlock brake rotors)




>Reservations are highly recomended during peak seasons of Spring and Fall.  When reserving a demo/rental please note that the first two days are charged at the time of reservation and are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Store credit or a raincheck is offered if something beyond your control comes up.  (Refunds are NOT given in the rare event that it actually rains- we can't control the weather!)

>Our rental day is from 9-5.  We use the last hour of our business day to get the bikes ready for the next day of use.  If you rent a bike for multiple days, it is due back by 5pm on the last day of the rental period.

>Demo--We offer up to $200 of your rental fee's toward purchase of the bike you rented, or a new one.  Often the bike you rode is available for purchase and the price is pro-rated by how many times it has been ridden. Our demo bikes range from $2400 to $6000, a substantial investment if you are looking to buy.  Actually riding the bike you are interested in on REAL bike trails will give you the confidence to make a good buying decision.  

>Helmet and Tube Repair Kits are included in rental price. We only charge you for the spare tube if you use it, and even that is included should you choose to purchase our $5 damage protection plan.  Info on that below....

>Pedals--We have Shimano SPD, Flat Pedals, and a limited # of Crank Bros Candy and Time pedals for use at no extra charge.  Consider bringing your own pedals and shoes for maximum comfort and familiarity.

>Brakes--In Europe, Austrailia, and NZ,  the front brake is on the right hand of the bar.  Not all brakes are easily switched from side to side.  If you request a brake switch that requires a brake line swap, there will be a charge to bleed the brake system.  Let us know ahead of time and we can put you on a bike that is easily swapped at no charge.

>Damage--Western Colorado trails are challenging.  We have rocks!  Sometimes people crash into rocks.  Whatever the situation, you are responsible for damage to our bike's.  You will be given a chance to ride and test your bike before your ride.  ALL bikes are washed, tuned and inspected after every rental.  We take good care of our bikes and are proud of how well they look. 

>As of 2012 we are offering an optional damage protection policy that can be purchased before you ride so that all or most of the costs of an unfortunate crash are mitigated.  For $5 per day we will cover the first $100 of damage to a bike and that even includes an inner tube should you have a flat!  Damage that comes to $101-$400 you would only pay 40% of retail price and damage from $401-$2000 you would pay 50% of retail price.  If a total loss of your rental bike should occur (yes unfortunately bikes have flown off of cliffs and cars) you would be responsible for only 50% of the bikes total retail price instead of the full amount.   Details and terms and conditions can be viewed before you pick up your bike and we can answer any questions you may have.  We think our Damage Protection Plan is a good idea, as most repairs are well under the $100 mark and most are just inner tubes which would cost $7 anyway.  Regardless of whether you purchase damage protection or not, YOU are responsible for the bike you rent.  We aren't out to gouge anyone, we just want to keep our fleet looking and riding great so that you have a great time in Fruita.

>Rain!--It doesn't rain here in the desert very often.  But when it does, it is NOT GOOD!  Our soil turns to a mud that has the consistency of peanut butter and weighs about ten times as much.  Wheels won't roll through bike frames, and trails are rutted badly. On the bright side though, our soil dries out very quickly.  Often rain in the morning means sweet tacky dirt in the afternoon.  Please use good judgement and don't ride when our trails are wet.  We update our Facebook page often with trail conditions, or call us for the latest information.

>Shipping Personal Bikes--Should you choose to ship your own bike to us and NOT rent one of our amazing bikes, please call first. We charge $15 to hold a box, and other fee's apply should you want us to build or tune your bike upon arival.  We need to get info from you before you ship.  We'll need your name on the box at a minum so we don't spend an hour trying to find out whose box just arrived with no info on it.  Also, shipping rates have sky-rocketed, for most vacations it can be cheaper to rent and it's fun to try new bikes anyway. 

>Bike parts kits are subject to change as needed.

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