Fruita Trail Conditions & Weather

Trail Conditions

Perfect to dusty trail conditions everywhere! At this time of the year we will only update trail conditions if it actually rains.

Summer weather conditions are typically cool mornings, hot afternoons, and tolerable to perfect evenings.  The sun rises about 5:30am in the morning and doesn’t go down until about 9:30pm.

Often, a big black thunder cloud blocks the sun in the evenings, threatening to rain somewhere out in the remote desert, but rarely doing so.  This cloud can make a summer evening as nice and cool as an ice cream cone.  It’s no guarantee, but it’s a decent bet!

If you rise early, one can be on the trail riding and wishing for a long sleeve jersey by 5:30am.  The temp will rise rapidly and by 10:30am you should be looking for shade or your air conditioned car.

By mid June avoid riding the desert after 12pm at all costs.  It will likely be hotter then the surface of the Sun!

Trail Status as of 06/21/2018

Bookcliffs/18Rd/North Desert Open
Dry and less dusty, rippin fun!
Kokopelli/Loma/Mack Open
Lean into those corners!
Rabbit Valley Open
Big rides and big smiles! Not as windy as it has been.
Lunch Loops Open
Go rock crawlin!
Palisade Rim Open
Perfect conditions