Fruita Trail Conditions & Weather

Trail Conditions

Summer weather in Fruita is characterized by cool mornings that heat up quickly, afternoons that will melt your brain, and evenings that often are quite nice, especially because it’s not unusual for a big cloud to block the sun as it gets toward evening.  Rain showers are very spotty, but can be heavy with rain and lightning in the evenings of July.

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Trail Status as of 07/15/2017

Local Weather. Fruita is Open
It's SUMMER! The crowds have left and the trails are hard in the middle, dusty on the edges, and riding fast! Afternoons are hotter then the surface of the Sun, but mornings and evenings are quite nice. Plan your rides for those time slots and drink lots of water!
Bookcliffs/18Rd/North Desert Open
PR conditions. Flowy fun!
Kokopelli/Loma/Mack Open
Be sure to check out the new Hawkeye trail, at the Mack exit, for some amazing views and nice breeze at the top of the ridge.
Rabbit Valley Open
May be getting sandy in sections, but that never takes away from the silence and views.
Lunch Loops Open
Trails are all in great condition. Get some warm up and post ride laps in on the newly updated bike park.
Palisade Rim Open
Is fast and getting loose in corners. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled and speed in check for exposed cliffs and hikers.