Fruita Trail Conditions & Weather

Trail Conditions

Hour by hour if needed, we’ll keep trail conditions up to date. Ride Yer Bikes!

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Trail Status as of 03/20/2017

Local Weather. Fruita is Open
According to a local meteorologist the valleys of the West are very hard to predict weather for. He said "We are totally guessing most of the time." Having lived here many years, we'll use this spot to tell you what its ACTUALLY doing in Fruita and our "locally educated" opinion as to whether the forecast will be correct. Currently-Sunny and low 70's! The trails are getting a bit dusty, but otherwise they are rippin good!
Bookcliffs/18Rd/North Desert Open
Prime Cut, Kessel, PBR, Joes Ridge, and Zippity Do Dah are in amazing shape. Mojoes needs more tires to smooth out the Chumbles!
Kokopelli/Loma/Mack Open
These trails are in near perfect shape. Troy Built and the old Mack Ridge double track need tires to smooth out the cow pocked trail. Go Ride!
Rabbit Valley Open
Trail 2 and Western Rim are perfect. Zion Curtain is about as good as it ever gets, so now is the time to ride it. West Water Mesa, and Overlook are pretty good too, remembering that these are moto trails and they have a different version of "perfect condtions" then mountain bikers do. Go Ride!
Lunch Loops Open
In great shape, Go Ride!
Palisade Rim Open
In great shape, Go Ride!