Demo Deals

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BMC Speed Fox Carbon XX1--29er

Sizes Available: Large

The Speedfox is full carbon, front and rear triangle with 130mm front and rear travel.  And this top shelf build kit pushed the retail price to $6600!  When people say “I want a really light, fast bike.”  This is our “go to” bike.  For nimble mountain goats and downhill junkies alike, the new Speedfox does it all, guaranteeing that the adventurous element to mountain biking remains the focus of every ride. Doing the Kokopelli Trail to Moab?  Pick me Pick Me! Efficient and light, this bike is capable of handling the most demanding Fruita trails you can find.

Note: Not all bike pictures match actual parts packages or colors.

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Trek Slash 9.8 Carbon 27.5"

Sizes Available: XL

You may notice a LOT of these bikes running around the Fruita area.  That’s because 8 out of 11 OTE employees bought this bike as their personal bike for 2016.  That says a lot about how amazing this bike is.  All day pedal and gobble up chunky trail.  This bike does everything!   Price Lowered!  Seriously this is a lot of bike for $3200!

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt BC Edition

Sizes Available: Lrg, XL

The Thunderbolt BC edition is set up the way we set our own bikes up! With wide bars, stiff wheels, 1×11, dropper post and premium suspension, the Thunderbolt BC Edition is ready for trail blasting.  Yet its shortish travel and light weight make it an amazing all day fun machine.  This is the bike for that guy that wants an XC bike but doesn’t want it to ride like an XC bike!  Get some!

Ibis Ripley LS 29er

$$3500--$4000 depending on bike. Call for details...
Sizes Available: Med Orange, Lrg Black, XL Black

You are looking at the future.  Suspension linkages hidden in the frame, looks that could kill, and performance to back it up.

Believe it or Not, the Ibis Ripley may be the best all around 29er ever made!  Yea, we know that’s subjective, but try one for yourself and see if this isn’t one of the best bikes on the planet.   A super stiff, crazy light, 120mm big wheel trail bike.  We Believe you will Not have a bad day on this bike!

Note: Not all bike pictures match actual parts packages or colors.

Trek Remedy 9.8 Carbon 29er 2016

Sizes Available: Medium/18.5"

A smart buyer would scoop this up in a heartbeat.  This is crazy good deal pricing on the 2016 Bike of the Year.  We have called this “the best 29er ever made” and we still stand by that.  The new Slash that made it “obsolete” is actually a niche enduro bike, where as this bike is a MOUNTAIN BIKE!

Trek Fuel EX 5--29er

Sizes Available: 19.5"

We are selling our last year’s Trek Fuel EX 5 demo bikes.  These bikes have been serviced and are ready for new homes.  We have service records and can tell you how many times each bike has been ridden.  We have various sizes from 17.5″- 21.5″.  These won’t last long!

Remedy 9.8 Carbon--27.5" wheel--NEW!

$$4500 for a $5300 bike!
Sizes Available: Med/18.5"--Lrg/19.5"

We have two brand new Trek Remedy 9.8 carbon wonder bikes that didn’t end up in the demo fleet for last season.  They are new and they are amazing.  We also did away with the only reason people didn’t like these bikes.  We ditched the front derailleurs, added a wide range cassette, and a narrow/wide front chainring.  They are 1x, carbon, have a sweet Shimano XT build kit and RS Pike forks.  We have also found they have good clearance for up to 2.8 tires, so this bike can be whatever you want!

Ibis HD3 27.5" Wheel

$$3999 for Lrg and XL
Sizes Available: Lrg, Vitamin Pee (green)--XL, Black

The HD-3 was just made “obsolete” by yet another Enduro race bike.  When bikes first started getting longer, lower and slacker this was a good thing.  But racing is all about going the fastest and today’s Enduro race bikes are pretty specific for exactly that.  It doesn’t always leave the bike being a good all around mountain bike.  So then, what about our HD3’s?  They are probably more perfect for most people then the new HD4.  We had purchased brand new HD3’s just before the HD4 launched so our bad timing is your gain.  The Lrg and XL bikes we have for sale were barely used, yet we’ve got em priced to quickly go to new homes.  Call for specific pictures or info about useage and parts.  970-858-7220

Pivot Mach 6 Alloy--27.5"

Sizes Available: Med $2350, Lrg $2700

Pivot makes some of the best enduro/trail bikes in the world, and now they are bringing the incredibly high standards of the Mach 6 carbon flagship design to an aluminum frame. With the all-new Mach 6 Aluminum, they met the same frame standards for stiffness, power transfer and perfectly dialed suspension performance, culminating in a bike that raises every rider’s ability to conquer aggressive, technical trails.

The Mach 6 Aluminum devours singletrack – the 27.5” wheels, slack head angle, short chainstays and low bottom bracket height all add up to incredibly versatile and capable bike that redefines aluminum in the enduro/trail category.

Note: Not all bike pictures match actual parts packages or colors.

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