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Every town needs another bike shop, struggling to "under bid" that other bike shop or thought the virtues of this big box brand over that big box brand. Do you want to lose your life savings in the bike biz? I will not help you do that. Fact is, if you contact me I will tell you why it is a ridiculous idea. Save your money and go travel the world. Heck, be a guide for Edge Travel instead. Bike shops are oh so common, and such a killer of life savings and life experience. I know, it's where I came from.

Over the Edge was born out of my departure from that over-played and under-funded world of hobby shop bike stores. Forget "same ole same ole," what about amazing?! Over the Edge was founded in a bankrupt town in 1994-95; no one had heard of Fruita, Colorado and no one would for years to come except for one loud shot heard around the MTB world - "Fruita Singletrack Rules"! By 1998 if you hadn't ridden in Fruita you wanted to; and Over the Edge Sports became a much celebrated business that stood for more than "cheaper name brand crap". We shared passion and we shared it with you!

Friends of ours came to us with their passion. What about the cool riding in SW Utah? Quentin and DJ helped us decide to franchise and OTE Hurricane was born. South Australian tourism invited me out to speak at a conference about MTB tourism; I toured some towns, met Alastair in Melrose, SA and now Al and Rich and Kerri and Pip are OTE Melrose with singletrack in all directions from this tiny, super cool, two pub town. For 12 years we have been conducting our staff retreats in Sedona, Arizona. We learned early to bring our own parts because so little was available to support our weeks of riding. In 2011 OTE Sedona will open in West Sedona to provide a "come ride with us" philosophy in the best winter riding destination in the western US.

This is what we do — we invite people to discover great new places and to come ride with us. If you know of  a place that fits this idea, we want to talk to you; we know how to do this and we have the network to do it well and to create a business model that will be fulfilling and sustaining and will inspire your life as well as those you serve. You know how you make a million dollars in the bike industry? Start with two ... But if you want to know how to make a decent living in the business of showing people a life changing good time in an amazing place? we have something to talk about.

If I successfully talked you out of the idea, you're welcome. Now just come ride with me. But if you want to talk more about your secret cool place, email

Thanks for reading. Thanks for riding.

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